She was a child, grown to a woman , elegant for her virtue, praised for her struggles.
A multitude amongst a crowd she is, perhaps a pool in the ocean
Words that flatters just a myth for a woman beautiful from the inside
Far from perfect I suppose, but if paradise would fall she would still be a blessing.

She had always known from her left to her right
Watching out for all which was wrong only to accept that which was right ,
that which was hers, that which would stay
So her patience compliments her fate and her fate would be her reward
But a noble woman do not require a heart of gold, just a heart filled with love.

Her beauty would be as the ocean floor, for only nature comprehends it self
Her smile is my sunset and the twinkling of her eyes I gaze upon like an open heaven

She was that type of woman, my type of woman
A woman even a sinful man would wish for
thou she has her scars but her flaws only made her beautiful
and her kindness would be a perfect clothing for the evil in her
Thou her trust maybe cheap but she did had her worth.

Joel Funom Joshua

Weird but true, I am a chemical engineering student who loves to write poems more often than study my academic books.

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