Some of us are never going to find the one.
Some of us are never going to be parents.
Even though we try, it just will never happen.
Maybe it was just never meant to be.
Some of us are afraid. Fear of the unknown!
A lot of what ifs. Questions that can only be answered when we try.
Sincerely, what-ifs can be scary.
What if she leaves for no reason?
What if he cheats repeatedly no matter how good a woman I choose to be?
What if there is really no happily ever after for me?
What if it wasn’t just meant to be?
The what ifs are endless, but you know what,
Some of us will keep trying.
Some of us will keep shooting.
Some of us will remain hopeful.
Alas, eventually ALL OF US WILL DIE!

– King Wale Applause.

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