Welcome to my corner of the Blog. I’ll be starting my piece here by reposting my piece on depression and my possible healing method. It can work for you too.
I have been away for a while, avoiding people and cutting ties with most people except those I feel are in the inner circle and silently engrossed in social media.

During these times, I’ve fallen into depression, fought a lot of negative thoughts, feeling sorry for myself, comparing myself with others and thought about what I should have done differently.

During these period, I found out somethings. I am not alone. A lot of people fall in these category, everybody wants to do better, even those we thought are where we want to be still wish to be us. I learnt the more we are thankful of where we find ourselves at a particular time, the more we enjoy our time. Presently, I looked back and review my life in this past year, and realized I should be happier.

What is the reason behind my healing?

Well, I feel better now, not because I’ve gotten richer or attain more progress. But because I’ve seen reasons to be happier. I never felt it is a privilege to be alive, I mean it’s nothing special. A lot of people are alive. But then again, a lot of people are dead. I had a short conversation with a friend some days ago. A friend I admire so much, I felt he was doing better. So when he said he’s depressed, I was like, what possibly could be the cause, you are getting it right. Then he asked me a simple question. “ Shey your Marle never call you in the past 5 days ni, lol. Who call me?”
It was a big wake up call. His mum passed on some months ago, mine just called before we had the conversation. Then I realize I would have given up a lot of things for my mum to stay alive, He would have done the same too.

Then, I get to appreciate life more, thereby appreciating people and the little progresses we might not have valued.

I came to realize after a little research that the hardest part of our life is the period where we are trying to balance adolescence with adulthood. I will call this period “Before 25”. This is the period of uncertainty, a period where you fear if you are going to make it and it feels like you are failing. This is the period where the adage “20 children can’t be together for 20 years” starts to manifest. You start getting separated from your childhood friend as everybody starts to forge a path to their dreams. And it’s sad, it’s sad because it’s happening too fast and rather unexpectedly. You’ve little idea on how to navigate this route but you have to embark on the journey anyway.

Parents are quick to remind you that you’re growing older and need to grow up, but when its time for you to make a decision that you feel it’s best for your growth, they tell say you are not old enough to make decisions of sort. Then you get lost between pleasing yourself and risking it all or pleasing them and taking it slow.

But, I tell you, it’s gonna be alright eventually. You already have a compass, just believe. You’ll get to navigate through the tides and get to your destination one way or the other. Don’t stop because time never stops. On your way to adulthood, you’ll surely figure out what adult would.

For Us 90’s children, I tell you, it’ll be alright.

Thanks for reading.

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