It’s a chilly Friday evening, I’ve just arrived home from work, tired stressed nothing seems to be going my way today I feel like giving up , as I open the door I see her , I see the reason I wake up every day, all the emotions I had all day disappear just because of her smile, her white teeth and her crooked smile.
She makes me who I’m , I call her my rock not because I can smell what she’s cooking ( wrestling joke), but because she’s strong for both of us.
Standing at the door she comes close to hug me, when our bodies touch it’s magical everytime, I grab her tight I don’t want to let her go…..
You know how Christians believe that woman was made from a man’s rib?
Every time we are together I believe in that notion and I truly found my missing rib.
She is my best friend, I don’t mean this fake “bff” things going around.
She got my back , we old school….
We argue, we get mad at each other we go for hours without talking to each other ( good lord it kills me when we do that)
But we know we can’t sleep without resolving our issues. She knows my deepest secrets, she knows my fears and she has never used my weaknesses as a weapon against me.
She is my everything my best friend.
You know how when planes crash and they look for a black box to get the cause of the crash, she is my black box ๐Ÿ˜

She is my best friend……

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