I am not wired different from You

I am not an AI

I am not a robot 

I am not different 

I feel, I struggle, I think too

Society makes it so difficult for me to talk 

I have to suck things up because like they say “You are a man”

You should be strong

I cannot be strong all the time 

I have flesh not metal 

I have bone not wires 

I cannot be happy everyday 

I have blood not chemicals 

I have a heart not a mother board 

Why then do you tell me to not cry 

Why then do you tell me to man up

Why then do you always say sit up 

You’re a man, don’t do this 

My shoulders, as light as they are

Carry loads heavier than my heart

Who can I talk to when everyone talks to me 

Who will listen when I want to talk?

You have to understand that sometimes 

I need to talk 

I need to scream

I need to drop weights 

I need to take a breather 

I need space!!

Yes!! Sometimes I need space 

I cannot always carry weights 

I have to rest 

I have to sleep 

I am human not a machine 

Please understand. 


Testing the waters....

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