Dark Alley

The things I’ve seen, the memories untold
Darkness within, yet to unfold
Maybe out already, lurking in the shadows
Haunting the pavements of empty souls
Living in falsehood with an alter ego
Sometimes hoping the pain would go
Alas! But a wish so unfulfilled
For I sway with the tides, blowing in the wind
Lost in the abyss of my mind
Regrets of ethoes, long left behind
The darkness comes just to spite
My every resolve to make things right
Imaginations left to run free and wild
Obliterating an innocence so mild
Oblivious of the power that lay within
I cave to desire and slowly give in
Darkness laughs at a soul so lost
Knowing such pleasures come at a cost
Unbeknownst to it what lay ahead
The power within, coming with dread
But there is not a moment to waste
For only a time before it is too late.

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Human. Just a little extra.

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