Dear David,

This is not you
Crying isn’t like you
Crying isn’t what we do
You let someone get right through
Stupid you.
Stupid you.
Need a smile to hide behind
Mine is always here.
Need a skin to hide your scars,
Mine is always there.
Let go…. Don’t fight your fears.
Let go…. I am here.
Always in your headspace.
You have been here
Awake, all this time
Awake, for far too long
It’s time to go to sleep
To find peace in the silence
Maybe One day, you will make it out of here.
Out Of your head space.
Even if it takes forever,
Forever and a hundred years
Or you might not
But it’s ok.
Who would you rather be stuck with.
After all,
I am the only one you know.

Yours sincerely,

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