The society we live in today take justice into its hands. It doesn’t matter if you’re guilty or not. It’s like there’s no more sane, critical thinking persons amongst us anymore. We now have more of the follow the band wagon people.

I’ve been thinking, what if those petty thieves could afford what they stole?
Maybe they wouldn’t have died
What if they had guardians, would they still be out there?
Just maybe if the society was equal
Maybe if our thinking was sane
Maybe if we were truly human
And not just bearing it
Just maybe they’d have lived
The society wrecks us even as we try to fight it
It changes us even when we stay in
The society is always different from us
Sometimes you see the band wagon,
The herds mentality
Sometimes it’s different, you’re standing alone
If only we were humans
Maybe they’d live

Testing the waters....

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