Both of us began to laugh. “This is one for the books”, I said incredulously. “I guess I’m not the only homicidal maniac in town then.”

I moved towards her and untied the ropes binding her legs and hands. She rubbed her sore wrists and looked at me suspiciously. “So what now? You want to trade stories or something”, she asked teasingly.

“No. Not that. I want you again.” Her gaze fell on my protuding member. She giggled shyly/slyly. I was intrigued. Gingerly, she touched me. Then she grew bolder. Stroking my whole length. Our eyes never leaving each other.

Then without warning, she put my cock into her warm mouth. I moaned deeply, just enough to encourage her to continue. She licked and sucked till I was at the brink of organsm. Then I returned the favour. First using my fingers, then my tongue. Flicking playfully on her clitoris, biting/tugging with it my teeth, till I finally pushed my tongue into her and her delicious juice rushed into my mouth.

We kept at this almost all night. Giving and taking. Satiating an hunger we thought was insatiable. Finally, spent and lying in each other’s arms, we began to talk.

She said she’d been fantasizing about killing since she turned 13. Her parent’s didn’t think anything of it when her pet dogs kept dying mysteriously. Finally, at 16, she’d gone on a date and the boy had tried to rape her in his car. Taking a pen from the dashboard, she’d rammed it into his eyes and ran home.

The police had thought it was a robbery gone wrong and she’d gotten away with it. Since then, she’d seek out a prey in the nightclub, follow him home, and kill him in his car.

“So why didn’t you kill me in the car?” I asked. “I didn’t kill you because I felt you’d been nice to me and you deserved to die in your own bed, not on the road like an animal. Hahahaha. I guess I was wrong.”

I could see the wheels turning in her head. “Why were you stalking me? I need to know”. I sighed dramatically. “Well, to be honest, I felt drawn to you. I can’t explain it more than that”.

“So what’s going to happen now? Are you going to give me my life? Let me go?”. She looked at me hopefully.

“Hahahahahahahaha. So you want to leave me alone? Hell no babe. We’re going to be together forever. Hunting, killing…” I fondled a breast,”…And other things of course”. I concluded mischievously.

She stretched lazily besides me. “Do I at least get to tell my friends and family we’re getting married? Hahahahaha”.

And that was how a dinner for two that should’ve ended in either she or I dead, morphed into something bigger, better and more dangerous.

Read part one here: Dinner For Two

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