I decided to have fun with her. I was bored and thought of the craziest way to amuse myself. When she’d gone lax beneath me, I released my grip on her throat.

She was unconscious for about thirty minutes. By the time she came through, I’d tied her to a dining chair. Her feet and arms were looped behind her tightly. I pulled a second chair and sat across her, bemused at the panic in her eyes as the memories flooded back.

“You’re awake”, I said conversationally. She shook her head as if to clear it of cobwebs. She started making sounds and trying to get up. “Stop doing that, else you’ll get me mad”. She calmed down immediately at the malevolence in my voice.

Tears welled up in her eyes and they seemed to seek mine, pleading. “Oh no, no tears left to cry”. I laughed hysterically at my own joke. She’d told me that was her favorite song at the moment.

“You might be wondering what’s happening. Why I’ve tied you up? What I want? If you’ll get out of this alive?”. At hearing the last statement, she started to cry again, which brought me immeasurable pleasure.

“The answer is no by the way, you won’t get out of this situation alive. You see, I’ve been watching you. Watching you go to work, leave for home, go to the gym, meet friends at your favorite cafe, go to the library, visit your folks, etc. You get the picture darling? I’ve been WATCHING! you.

And right from the start, I decided I was going to do anything to have you. That day we met, I planned it perfectly.  I knew you would approach me at the bar because I’d overheard a conversation between you and a friend saying you would ‘shoot your shot’ at a guy. How tired you were of being single. How lonely? Hahahahahha. Isn’t that just pathetic, you little slut! So shameless, aren’t you?

I put myself at the bar you went to. I knew when you entered because I’d been following you from the moment you left your house. I purposely sat in a quiet corner so you could be confident enough to talk to me with no witnesses.

I’ve been playing you all along. Sending flowers to your office, meeting your colleagues, talking to your mom on the phone, bringing you lunch and finally, taking you to dinner. Hahahahahahahhaha. You’re so callow”

Her eyes widened. She grunted like she was in physical pain. Tears streamed down her face. “Stupid bitch”, I said menacingly. “I’m going to teach you a lesson”.

I leaped from the chair like a cat, lithe. The light shone on the blade I held. She seemed to be saying no, no, no as I approached her. This was fun.

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