She looked lovely in her red dress. It contrasted nicely with her dark skin and alluring eyes. Her hair, spilled down her back in tight juicy curls. “I swear, she’ll be mine”, I vowed to myself.

Dinner was a lovely affair. She laughed at my stupid jokes and told stories in a captivating way. In fact, everything that came out her mouth sounded like music to my ears.

We walked out of the restaurant like a couple, holding hands and giggling like teenagers. “Would you like to come back home with me?” I asked. I saw hesitation in her eyes but it quickly passed. “Sure, why not?” She replied.

I escorted her to my car, held open the door for her, and once she had settled in, closed it lightly after her. I went to the driver’s side and started the car, grinning at her.

I drove slowly. Wanting to savour every moment with her and thinking of ways I would seduce her once we arrived at my house. We made easy conversation, about her cat, the night’s amiable weather and other mundane things.

My neighborhood was quiet, which was not unsual. My apartment was the last house on the street. The building had two flats but my neighbor downstairs had gone on vacation with his wife.

“You have a lovely house”, I heard her sing-song voice say behind me. “Thank you”, I said. “Make yourself at home.” I intoned charmingly. “Would you like a glass of water?”. “Sure”, she said.

I brought in one glass of water for her from the kitchen and turned on the television. A romantic movie was airing, which was perfect for my plans. I took off my tie and shoes, rolled my sleeves and sat on the couch. Taking a cue from me, she took off her shoes and jacket and sat next to me, tucking her feet under her.

By the time the credits for the movie was rolling on the screen, we were kissing passionately. My shirt was off, her dress was around her waist and my fingers were fumbling, trying to unhook her bra.

I kept kissing her, savouring the way she tasted of sweet wine. I was heady with excitement. My arousal and the intoxicating effect of the wine made me a little clumsy.

We were still sprawled on the couch, but now, we were both naked. I pushed my fingers lightly into warmness. She was hot and wet, ready for me, moaning hoarsely into my ears.

My member was erect and throbbing. I pulled her down a little so I towered over her. I wanted to look into her eyes as I fucked her and squeezed the life out of her.

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