He approached the great iron doors
The only entrance and exit
There were people inside..
He could smell them..
He could hear them before he saw them
As he passed through the doors
A host of inmates rushed towards him
Trying to get out..the way he came in
The same way they came in..
They took hold of the doors
Trying desperately to open it
In twos did they take turns
Straining to open…it didn’t budge
It never budged
Day and night and day
They kept at it
Waiting for the day it would be unlocked
For when it would budge
But their endurance always failed them
For when the doors open and a new inmate is tossed in..
They are never ready..
Escape was a dream that was not to be
For Fate was a cruel mistress
Faith was a cruel mistress
And strong are the doors of her

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