f*ck cancer

I walk into the building cold, numb, and dark

The only thing I see is basic hospital art

“don’t cry, stay strong” is on repeat in my head

Mentally preparing myself to see you in that bed

As I walk through the door into the room

I cannot stop the tears as they begin to flow

Watching you breathe, your breath extremely slow

Sleeping, almost peaceful but I know that isn’t true

You’re exhausted, in pain, I can only imagine what you’ve been through

I wake you gently, in your eyes I see surprise

Shortly after this awakening, a flood of emotions arise

You grunt in pain and it makes my heart ache

When you say, “I love you too” I swear my heart breaks

That was the last time you remembered my name

Now you’re gone. No more suffering, no more pain.

October 22, 2018

RIP grandpa

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