This dance started
As I slid into your DMs
Dropped a “hey beautiful”
Then waiting for your reply
Counting the seconds in my head..
Then you replied
“Hey ugly..what you want”
And I said
“Shut up, think you’re the bread of life or something”
Needless to say,
That made you laugh and set the ball rolling my way..
You had your fears..
In time…you let them all show..
I knew when you fell in love
So I acted accordingly
Dedicating time that I couldn’t Afford To be..
Giving everything..
Loving you was a stone throw from insanity.
I fell in love with you..
I stood up too quickly..
You fell in love with me..
You fell too deeply..
Didn’t take long..
An end came to the ruse
Where did we go wrong..I was confused
Your love was put to use as my muse
Now you muse all day bout being used
Where did all the magic go..
I followed your rules..
Never cheated..told you everything
Everything you had to know
You just had to change up the game
I wonder how life would have been like for both of us.
If I never started this dance with
“Hey beautiful”

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