On a Cold Dark Night when stars lit up the Sky
And they glow like candles in the Dark
When the Bats come out to Play
And the wolves Howl into the Night

There I sat in the confines of my Room
Eyes closed reflecting on my Soul
I stared into the abyss of my Self
Wondering how long it’ll take to unclad the mysteries there

So I embarked on a journey
A journey through my Soul to discover my Core
To peel this façade and reveal what am made Of
To find the perfect me Enshroud in a Sea of Faces
To slay the demon I was close to becoming

I searched till it dawned on me
The perfect me Envisioned was never to be Seen
The mysteries I sought where nowhere to be found
The façade I peeled was really just a part of Me
And the demon I fought was the Other Half of Me

I searched till I finally Realized
That to tame is not for my Demon
But to train and spur him on
Under the shades of Calmly Spirit
And to remind myself That



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