In search for a purpose.
That wanting and then not wanting to worry.
Searching for the real things and then finding means of forgetting reality because too harsh it seems.
Pretending not to bother, though it keeps ringing right behind your backs.
Not knowing which way to go next, but hoping the moment would lead you there.
Being aware that hope isn’t enough, but what’s truly needed is far fetched.
Today full of confidence and yes, you’ve got what it takes.
And tomorrow, the sparks die down and lo! all doubts sets in.
The next you’re neutral like a bad-ass bitch,and your best logo becomes “who cares?”.
The first feeling is your most healthiest.
The second becomes your awakening.
And the third happens to be your transition between those two.
And the circle continues, for some of us it goes over and over again.
Until we finally find it.
It doesn’t matter whether we feel good or bad or neutral ‘cos our purpose may come during any of these moments.
Some are lucky to find their purpose, or already has it without knowing, others don’t. While the rest of us keeps searching.
Searching that perhaps, someday, somewhere, or somehow in the middle of nowhere…

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