What would you give to be innocent once again?

  • Innocence..
    I remember innocence
    It had a sweet taste upon the tongue
    The companion of the young..
    The cloak of naivety..
    Though I remember innocence
    Last I checked..
    I don’t remember being innocent..
    Life makes monsters of us all..
    I look in the mirror
    I can’t believe what I see
    *this can’t be who I am*
    But how can I be sure
    if I can’t remember who was
    Life makes monsters of us all
    I tried to raise my spirit
    I just razed my spirit
    I tried to be happier
    I tried with all might
    And it worked..
    Only for a minute
    Didn’t get me through the night
    Though I hide it all
    Behind a straight face and a crooked smile….
    I’m broken and angry
    Im not young and wild
    Life makes monsters of us all


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