How would you feel if everything you dreamt, even your worst nightmares came to be?

She stretched her arm out towards him and stroked his chest.

“Baby?”, she whispered sleepily.

Ade stirred and pulled her closer as she tried to wiggle out of his embrace.

“Baby, wake up please, I had a bad dream”, she said, all the while stroking his chest.

“Baby it was just a dream, you’ll be fine” Ade mumbled back. He had an extremely busy day at work and all he wanted to do was sleep. He honestly couldn’t talk about dreams now, and he had to be in the office tomorrow as early as possible.

“I love you baby”, she mumbled as she went back to sleep.

“Love you too”, Ade replied.

5:32 was what the clock said. Ade jerked up to the banging on his door. He could hear mama Nkechi’s frantic voice.

“Neighbours! Ade! John! Onome! Come o, my pikin no dey breathe again o! Wetin I go do, na only Nkechi I get for this world o!“, she ended in loud wailing.

Ade grabbed his joggers he had spread across the chair as she woke up.

“Baby where are you going?”, she yawned.

“Mama Nkechi is outside, screaming about Nkechi not breathing.”

She went pale as she grabbed Ade’s hand.

“Baby she’s going to die. Nkechi is going to die. That’s the dream I told you I had. Nkechi is going to die”

Ade stared at her, a little uneasy.

“Go back to bed my love”, he said as he hurried towards the door.

“Nkechi will be just fine”


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