At first, listen, I was tempted to jump on my computer to do a review because it sounded good from the very first second, but the critique side of me wanted more. I would not write about an album at first listen owing to many reasons such as the fact that the album must have been put together in not less than a year, it would be very ungrateful and disrespectful to write about such project few hours after release.

I was scared for Kizz Daniel, judging by his former record label brouhaha. His first album set the tone, That is a body of work fit for the museum.

My fear was would he be able to pull that off again being on his own. Nobody to critique, no contributions from Sugar boy, I had reasons to be afraid. but if I was going to release a body of work like the one he just dropped, there would not be a better title than NO BAD SONG.

The confidence in the Album title got people thirsting. Yes, Kizz Daniel is super talented, but to say No bad song? His core fans needed to be sure he has a good understanding of what it means not to have a bad song. On this Album, Kizz defined what it means to not have a bad song, not even one.

At first recall, only Banky W fit that bill. I doubt if Banky ever had any bad song.

Whoever advised Kizz to listen again to his first album while working on this one did a good job, taking that advice was just the first step in the right direction.

Both albums old and new can stand side by side with each other and will most likely generate a Messi/Ronaldo kind of argument.

Let me advise that when listening to Kizz Daniel’s NO BAD SONG album, do not use cheap headphones from computer village and neither should you even try it in your car stereo if it doesn’t boom because that will be undeserving of this album.

To key into Kizz’s message and the idea behind this body of work, a little high would be good. Just a little!

On the No bad song album, Kizz maintained a bpm (beat per minute) of between 90 of Maye and 120 of the first track gods and only going off with the last track Tobi with a bpm of 144.

This goes to show that he knew exactly what he was doing. Kizz wanted to make a body of work that will outlive him. Something mid-tempo while you still need your dancing shoes.

Quite a few people argued that having 20 tracks on an album is a little too much, but I would say that with the level of his ‘super talent’ Kizz would have comfortably released a 30 track album.

Let me give a quick track to track break down

Coming in with this very track is one of the highs of this project. Similar to New Kings on his first album, gods is a fantastic first track for a superstar’s album. It is one song that can start your morning. It was a good choice and obviously very intentional. With a bpm of 120, this 3 minutes track occupies just the perfect place on the No bad song Album.

This song was an instant hit when it was released in 2017. Every club, bar in Lagos and beyond made it an anthem. Whenever the song came on, it took the dance floors to
another level. Content-wise on this 106 bpm 2:32 minutes song, Kizz Daniel did his traditional less is more. Talks less and makes more impact. Not much need to be said about NO DO.

In my opinion, I would think this particular song was made with the East African fans and market with a specific feature of Diamond Platnumz. Bpm of 120, this 3:48 minutes track will be a major hit in East Africa. It will be a crowd pleaser in the East African region and Kizz was able to bring back the old Diamond Platnumz. Nuff said, this track definitely deserves a video very soon.

The thought of releasing this particular song just before the album is worth a million dollar. The djs instantly fell in love with this song as it is on a comfortable bpm of 106. Song dropped and you knew what to expect on the album. Having superstar Davido on the track was a match made in heaven. Song dropped and it was a shutdown.

Kizz Daniel has a thing for always having the people from the eastern part of Nigeria in mind. This is going to be an anthem in major markets in Nigeria. Igbo traders will love this one hereby selling it to the general populace. This 111 bpm 2:22 minutes track is just right for every hustler. The song is short, precise and will serve its purpose.

This is where Kizz Daniel tells his usual love story in an unconventional way. It is just a feel good song. With a bpm of 92, this 2:50 minutes track is one you can bump to while you drive in Lagos traffic. The lyrics already gives a good description of the video and where he said ‘I knack am UNLIMITED’, tells me the video will be directed by Unlimited LA.

The beautiful part of this song for me is the vulgar part of it. This is another feel-good music with a bpm of 90 which should be enjoyed with weed and palm wine and in cases where that is not available, weed, tonic and gin will be a good substitute. ‘Shey mumsy o ni mo ti’m ba f_ck e’ line is very appealing to me. The comic relief in the sound engineering of that part makes it sound real good. I like this song. The 3:07 minutes spent listening to this track will not be a waste of time and honestly Na person go become oko olosho.

Hopefully, Major Bangz gets a credit for what he did on this production. This is not what you find just anywhere in the Nigeria music scene. Feel good music with bpm of 97, and it indeed BANGZ. The kick, the percussion, progression is one you will fall in love with instantly. Having Wretch 22 on this particular track was a fabulous decision. He wrecked his part in this 3:12 minutes track. He did what MI or Ycee would have done if featured on this particular track. He added a good vibe to the song and for me, this is a song that can cross borders.

Akon will be very proud of Nasty C on this one. Nasty did what Akon would have done if he was featured on this track. Another song which deserves international accolades tells the story of what kids from the ghetto go through to get to the top.
100 bpm, 2:24 minutes, you wouldn’t want more. and indeed YOU DON’T WANT TO UNDERPAY OLOSHO, THAT IS A CRIME.

This is where you need your dancing shoes straight away. This is a jam! One that will not be noticed yet until many years later. 111 bpm tells you this is one for the dance floors. DJ Xclusive did DJ Xclusive on the track, but I think the Demmie Vee part is negligible. He did not do anything worthy of note on this song, but all in all. this 2:45 minutes track is another banger.

This is the Kizz Daniel you will expect on an album project. Where he takes you back in the days with the old school vibe but staying recent with the lyrics. 102 bpm, 3:22 minutes, Ayee is a good song on every ground. A little high when listening to this track will give a perfect understanding of what he was looking to achieve with this song. A beautiful piece.

Boy Kizz on this one just wants us all to be happy. A song you can easily dance at any owanbe with your two hands raised up. It is a 2:45 minutes of happiness.

Same Kizz Daniel with the old school vibe garnished with new school lyrics. Ja is another feel-good music you can listen to at any time of day. Something you can call conscious music. Talks about the social vices in the Nigerian society. Do not expect to hear this
102 bpm 2:24 minutes track in the clubs or bar. Maybe you will almost never hear it on the radio, this one is a personal something. Just for you to hear, listen and digest on your own.

This is my favorite song on the album. Maybe the danceable beat of 109 bpm, or the lyrics seeking permission to spoil his woman with money and d_ck. This is a song that should be played back to back at any wedding. Because the song is only 2:42 minutes long, I will advise that it is put on repeat to really absorb the intent of the song. I remember dancing to this song at almost every instance it has come up irrespective of where I am.

This one is for the gals dem. Be sure in no time there will be many twerking videos to this 2:50 minutes banger. The bpm at 106 is just right. Expect a few DJs who know their onions to make the best of this track. Most girls want to whine it, it will only make sense if you tell
them how you want it. Poko does that for you.

This is a very old school vibe. The watta bambam vibe of yesteryear. I like the idea behind the song. ‘Wattabambaming’ with the famous Shaggy lyrics of ‘Wasn’t me’ is a brilliant idea. This will also serve a lot of twerking purposes. Djs will enjoy playing this when the club is just about to begin or just towards the end. Diplo also came through sending the song to the Caribbeans. This is a sure hit for the summer.

On this song, Kizz popularizes a side of Philkeyz which has always been there but not loud enough. Now it can be seen and heard that Philkeyz is another melody king. Nesessari is another one for the gals. Straight banger from the first second. Bpm of 111 says all you need to know about the tempo. Takes you to the dance floor one time. And again Kizz does the traditional less is more. Went on about ‘Fine lady your body is a nesessari’ without making it boring. Kudos to the sound engineer for that telephone autotune.

In my opinion, I think Kizz is doing well in trying to own that old school vibe with the new school ‘genre’. On this song, he goes from Aliyah to Amaka, (from north to east) to express his love for his lady while showing interest in her sister. What a Yoruba demon thing to do. How would you be moving to a girl and also signifying interest in her sister. All in all good song off the album.

What else? Sarkodie went in! Less is More! This is another HIT!!!

What a way to sign out. On this one, Kizz goes off what he has done on the entire project. Uptempo 144 bpm, this 2:52 minutes song is just a way to sign out at the loudest ovation. On gods, he salutes the kings and gods which I am one, lol and prays for himself to remain king
for a long time. No one needs to be told now that Kizz Daniel is a king on his own lane and he has NO BAD SONG


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