With all the noises around, we still have some people who sit quiet and ask why things aren’t up to speed. (I have been one by the way)
I heard the word “late bloomer’’ in a movie. It is used to describe someone who matures late ie one who doesn’t grow or reach puberty at the same time his/her peer does. Now I have noticed and I have also done this, more people focus on the “late” rather than “maturing”. Relating this to our daily life, we all can’t make it at the same time, we can’t all be successful all at once. We can’t all get married at the same time. We can’t all do everything that has to be done at the same time. However, we all can be successful. How? By putting focus on the “maturing” and leaving the idea of being “late” behind. How?
Learn something, do something you’ve never done before, grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally. Enjoy the process. At the end you’d notice you did what? You matured? Right? You’d notice you’ve borne fruits and those fruits are now ripe. What am I saying in essence. When you let the negative thrive, growth is stunted!!!
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