The days aren’t bright anymore
Jokes aren’t funny anymore
Everyone has a hidden agenda
His eyes had a filter that made everything darker
“Don’t listen to your friends
See the betrayal in their eyes
Don’t listen to your friends
They only care once in a while”
A voice kept saying in his head
His light was gone
What remained of him wasn’t life
He was a ghost in a shell
Till the voice came
“The only way to Take back your light
Is to take your life”
The voice said
He always did as the voice said
Tears rolled down his face and fell
mixing with the blood red water
Beneath his almost lifeless shell
As he waited
Something was wrong
He had waited for too long
Long enough for his light to return
Where was his relief?
Where was his salvation?
Where was his light?
His phone rang
He saw the caller ID
He saw the light
His tears stopped
And so did his life…..


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