I used to think the term best friend was a myth even when i heard the song by DJ FLEX but thank you for making me understand that impossible is nothing. Thank you for being that person i can trust to have my back all day everyday. I make mistakes, i make you upset (OFFSET), but thank you for being there like my CARDIgan during winter.

At 21, i sure was a SAVAGE, made my mistakes like CHRIS BROWN, but unlike the world, PLEASE DONT JUDGE ME.

You took a CHANCE with me, one i promise not to mess up.

I wish i could sing, i will write SONGS ABOUT YOU like BANKY W. Bear in mind that no matter how old we get, you will always be my LIL BABY.

All i want to do is POST (MALONE) you on my snap, hype you every day like DJ KHALID.

Thank you for LETting ME LOVE YOU like MARIO. I know sometimes my friends are jealous, especially DANIEL when we KISS, like RUNTOWN, they all know i am MAD OVER YOU.

Whatever we do with each other ko KANYE as much as what KIM KARDASHIAN does with her body.

They say a man is the head of the family, best believe you are my boss like RICK ROSS. I pray we have 2 girls. Hopefully we name the first OLAMIDE, or Imade, so just like DAVIDO’s daughter. Then we put a LIL KESH in her account from the first day.

Hopefully one of them shatter every record like RIHANNA and the other a WhIZKID maybe become world bank president someday. If we ever have a BOY, be sure he will go through the BURNA, I might just make him a man too soon.

We have many good times, but bear in mind sometimes it might go 6LACK. I promise a cup of Tea for the PAIN. Also remember i am always GUNNA be there for you, for us!

Deep in thought about you listening to my favorite songs by BUJU BANTON and MARLEY (not the one being held for stealing the NAIRA), i just want to light up a spliff, go into trance.

Unlike 2 FACE, i promise to stay true to you.

On my bucket list is ASKAMAYA in Nigeria. It’s a popular strip club, i hope you like it.

Like BONNIE and CLYDE, let’s stay HYPA like RAY and JAY.

When i grow old LISTENing TO THE RADIO like DON WILLIAMS, i will still always need you by my side.



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