When you grow up, either of 2 things will happen. You either wake up everyday to pray for me or you look back to curse me, those were the words of Prince Charles to me. He was right! As always!

Every time the thought of my dad comes to mind all I can do is say a prayer for him.

Growing up with a man who would make anything and everything happen for his kids was a blessing and privilege, but living with a man who only let you watch TV maximum 2 hours daily till I was 16 was not the best thing to happen to any kid.

As a friend, the only ticket to gain entry into our house was a book in your hands. My Dad was the devil!

I remember myself and Bankole once wished he died, a prayer I am glad God never answered.

Moving out of the house quite early in life was supposed to set me free as a bird, but if there was one thing my dad was ever sure of, it was the fact that he raised us so well. He was so sure we will be good ambassadors. What effrontery! He was again right!

If I ever get to come back to this life of sin with a liberty to choose my own dad, I will chose you a million times over. A rare being!

He never spared the rod. The kind of guy to beat you for inhaling too much oxygen.

Honesty is a way of life for him not because it is the best policy but he would say it is the easiest thing to do. You don’t need to remember anything.

I sincerely apologize for those few many times my siblings and I made you sad, I am sorry I am never around, sorry I don’t tell you how much impact you have had in my lives.

Thank you for making me the man I am today. Thank you for not sparing the rod. Thank you for always taking care of my mum, your best friend and wife. Thank you for trusting your method of upbringing. Thank you for raising the bar high in choosing a life partner. Thank you for being the best dad life has to offer.

Now that you are coming of age, I pray you someday become King, pray you live very long to see your grandchildren (two things I know you want so much but never talk about).

When the time comes, and you get to go to the heavens of heaven because that’s the only thing you deserve, I know you will go with a big smile on your face.

I will never love you enough dad. Thank you for being a good example of what a dad should be.

Your Son,
King Wale Applause

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