“What more can i say, God bless you for deciding to spend the rest of your life with me. I cannot promise you much, but for everyday that i live i WILL make you very happy, I hope you know how big that word is.

Thank you for knowing all of my past but you still decided to stick with me. Many think i’m lucky, but i rather say i am blessed.

After all you heard about me and all in all my imperfections, you still here and all will be, Thank you.

For the 2 wonderful girls you gave me, these are the best gifts i ever got, Words are Just not enough.

Thanks for not being jealous of my girls, understanding that i am more of a father than a husband, but who says you are not my daughter too?

Love hasn’t treated me right, I was damaged but for you i am healed and i will always love you like no other.

Marriage can be a whole lot of work, but you have made it the best time of my life by being a good wife, i say Thank you.

You are one reason i want to wake up every morning. Your smile when you say Good morning is everything i need to start the day.

The man is the head of the family, but what can a head do without a good neck. Thank you for knowing that you decide the mood of the home, and you make good decisions about that.

As carefree as i can be about money, you keep tabs on our accounts, you definitely the best manager life has to offer.

Whenever i see what my kids are growing into, i marvel at what you are making them into. They don’t deserve a better mum.

The love you have for my brothers is over whelming. Thank you for understanding how much they mean to me and you respect that. You do your very best to keep my extended family intact, thank you.

Even their wives love you like a mum because you always there for them.

Mum and dad tell me how often you call yo check on them and even though its our money, they appreciate the gifts you buy for them. I appreciate that you take time out to do all these for my family.

Thanks for understanding that i cannot make every family holiday but you make it sacrosanct for the love of the girls.

Please avoid spanking the girls when im around, you know i cannot take it one bit.

When we argue and i apologize immediately, Queen, this doesn’t make me guilty, i just prefer that we live in one accord than argue over anything at all. Understanding that apologizing to me when you are wrong doesn’t make you a lesser person is one trait i always envy about you.

I have forgiven all my Exes as much as you have forgiven yours, and we wont be talking about them, and even when we do, its just jokes and bants.

Thanks for understanding that your Iphone is a Wephone, and my small Nokia phone cannot be passworded, so i appreciate that you pick my every call whenever i m not close.

I know you appreciate that i never go out, but i thank you for always taking my girls shopping and to the cinemas, also when i decide to bring the part home with my friends, thanks for always being the best host ever.

I also appreciate that you never stay out late the few times you hang out with your friends.

The way you look at me when i cook warm my heart. The way you talk about the meals i prepare when i do is always captivating but learn to agree that i am a better cook.

Thank you for liking my friends and more especially my day One goons, what would i have done if you did not. Whenever i watch you and their wives gist and argue, i feel glad that you are helping to keep the relationship we always kept.

Whenever i go out to work, the way check on me to make sure i am alright is hearth warming. It rejuvenates me at times when i am down. What more does a man who work so hard deserve.

Even with all this cash and investments, i still remain a local man, so i appreciate that you still take out time to prepare my cherished Amala and Ewedu.

You are never too busy for the family and we all appreciate this even though we don’t get to say it enough.

Anything you want to know, please just ask knowing that i will never ever lie to you.

The King’s gotta go now as we have to keep the family running.


– King Wale Applause


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