Who sat and watched my infant head blah blah can be a little relevant but i still cannot remember you sitting at all while i was on a cradle bed. From managing your salon to coordinating your workers, you were always on your feet.

I remember when i was 9 ish and you said to me now its time to be a man. I was just a tiny boy. A bloody 9-year-old kid. How do you become a man at 9? Even at 30, some males cannot be called men.

I remember that got afternoon i came back from school and you won’t let any of your apprentices do my laundry. For the first time, i had to do it myself. That did not seem anything like manhood to me.

Maybe you think i forgot that you woke me up the next morning as early as 5:30 am to iron my uniform and Bankole’s. I had to not only bathe myself while you watched, i had to do my brother too. These events began a series that forged me, but at the time still did not give me a glimpse of what’s later to come.

I remember you and dad beating me for everything i did wrong. As if that was not enough, you will beat me for whatever my brother did wrong too. I could understand beating me for being naughty, took me a long time to understand why i get beaten for my brother’s wrongdoing You taught me responsibility very early in life.

I remember when dad will order me to go watch how you work your magic in the kitchen, but careless at the time i never paid attention. My day of reckoning came when you travelled to Cotonou to buy your wares and dad in his crooked voice ordered me to go make us Amala. Now it hit me things will no longer be the same.

How do you tell a 10-year-old kid to make his first meal and it is amala. Just how! What can be more heartless in the world? Dad was certain i couldn’t make it and i recall him saying i always told you to watch your mum, whatever you come up with is what we having for lunch.

I remember the look on his face as he swallowed the mess i made. Thought to myself how can anyone be this callous to himself. Even if i was a bin, i would reject this.

After a while at the table, Dad let Bankole to help himself to anything else he wanted to eat, no way the poor boy was going to eat that. I was stuck on the dining for hours. Dad made us dinner and i was set free.

I remember at a point i began to question if indeed i was your first child, but the agbalumo never falls far from the tree, i had your face and dentition.

I remember the day yourself and Dad’s best friend drove down to remove me from the exotic boarding house to a public boarding house. You just were not having all that pamper. In your head why would the hostel do everything for me even laundry.

That public school put a stamp on it, laid the foundation for almost everything i know today. You knew exactly what you was doing.

Taiyelolu Ejire, i doubt if any woman will ever compare to you.

I see the way you love my dad, your husband and only friend. You raised the bar high up.

I cannot remember you sleeping for 8 straight hours, not at least before i left the house at 17. Prayer warrior! You would even be praying while you work. What a wawu!!!

Even when you easily could have been a full housewife, you chose to be more than that. Always on your feet as much as you were a housewife.

Words will never be enough to show how much i will forever appreciate and cherish you mum.

I will always give you your flowers now that you are still alive, something to take to heaven when you come of age. There will not be another human as selfless as you ever again. Last of an extinct breed. You define loyalty and selflessness.

I am sure you know you sorted forever.

When i was a kid, these were your words ‘i do not look forward to you sending me money when you grow older, j am training you for you’. You kept true to this statement.  You remain in the position to give God forbid i need anything.

Maybe if i continue this epistle it will bore you because it could be endless but best believe your story will be told FOREVER!

Your Dear Son
King Wale Applause

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