“I have waited for so long to have you here. I never met you but i missed you so much. There are lots to be learnt, but i know this will take time. Just like i have promised myself, i wont give you a blue print to your life, but indeed these are fundamentals. No one said this will be easy my ladies.

Do not make one of the biggest mistake i made, leaving your happiness in the hands of anyone, not even me, this will only make you a very angry and probably violent person. Life is full of ups and downs, let no one put you down. Keep your head up.

Be happy, live your life. Although you cannot help everyone, but help as much as possible even if it means giving out your last meal, trust me baby, i have been there.

As much as i try to give you the best training in the world, baby girl i need you to understand that what you become is what you make of yourself. Think big, and i mean think very big. Be the best you can be, never settle for less.

Your first role is to be the best sister alive. You need to always look out for her with or without me. She is your responsibility and always will be.

I promise to always be there for you, but when i forget please always remind me. I need you to understand that whenever i don’t come to pick you and your sister from school, that’s because i am out of town or duty calls.

As much as we strive to do the best we can, i mean myself and my best friend and lover, your mum, we definitely will have our flaws, but never compare us with other parents.

Mum might be too busy with work and taking care of you, but trust me i will always be there to listen whenever and whatever it is.

You want to know why i decided to leave home to hustle very early in life, i did that for you because i want you to have everything i never had.

One favour i need from you, please never lie to me because i wont judge you ever.

I don’t see myself holding a cane up, but trust me, many times i will lose my voice scolding you, anyways i cant say the same for mummy, she is an advocate of spare the rod and spoil the child.

As many times as we get to sit down, i will tell you how i lived my life, that way you know how not to live yours.

Asides salvation of my soul, i took church seriously because of you. I need you to know about Christ early enough, because trust me baby you will be needing him around here all the time.

You and your sister are the best things that will ever happen to me, so please my daughters, never have an abortion, what that means is never have sex with a man you do not love. Just like i said earlier, daddy will never ever judge you.

The fact that i bought those cars in your name don’t mean that i cant have your grounded, that is my our way of curbing your excesses.

Believe not when they say all men are the same, your father is a good man, and there are a lot of better men out there.

If you are lucky to find love early, bring him home, let me and mum evaluate him, lets pray about it and if you decide to settle down at 21 i will make sure your wedding ceremony is talked about for a really long time.

Baby, i don’t care if he is rich or poor, i just want you to fall in love with a man with a vision, a very big dream. I need my grand kids to enjoy a whole lot too.

If you end up falling in love with a poor man, baby please don’t hide it from me remember i wasn’t born rich either. I can help make him into a whatever he wishes as long as he has a vision.

Baby, as much as i really do love you, there is a limit to what i want to listen to about your new family. Whenever you have issues with your husband, please sit him down and have that conversation. Always communicate with him, never bottle up feelings, love or anger, i have been there its not worth it.

Don’t let even your husband lie to you, he wont love you as much as i do, honestly i doubt if mum will ever love you as much too, but trust me she really does too.

Always forgive people not because they are worth it, but because our father in heaven forgives us all.

On days when you cannot go on your knees and pray, always learn to say good morning Jesus.

If peradventure you find peace and hope in another religion, talk to me about it, all i need to see is your conviction, but never do it for love. My mum lived her entire life a Muslim, my dad never made her convert for him.

Some holidays you wont be spending abroad, you have a lot to learn from the grannies too and don’t forget while you busy growing up, they are getting old. We will all miss them when they are gone.

Baby, growing up, i cared about a lot of people, but i hardly got that, now i take solace in the fact that you will always be there for me as much as i am for you. I don’t want much, just talk to me as much as possible, call me to hear my voice, send me jokes in text messages, in our days whatsapp did the magic tho.

I also won’t mind a change of toothbrush and boxers from time to time.

I won’t always be here, but as long as i am, baby ask questions and i promise to never keep anything from you.

As much as i’m worried about you, i am worried about my grand kids too although they won’t be bearing my surname, trust me baby its all good.

Knowing that you are the best of you, I need you to make them better than i did you which means a whole lot of work on your part.

As much as i know the husband is the head of the family, please don’t keep my grand kids away from me.

When I’m finally gone, please don’t cry over me, although i understand how much you will miss me.

Before I’m finally laid to rest, kiss my forehead and remind me how much you love me.

You can only be safer when i’m gone, cos i will be up there watching over all of you.”

-King Wale Applause


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