In the hallow of the day
sitting without expectation
came a beauty beyond the physical
with a smile from the gods
And I fell in love with her in just a glance
because I could feel her virtue
her beauty in her smile
my desire in her eyes

I was left in the shadows
hoping the sun will come soon
because this feeling was right
and the moon would accord
So I went desperate for days
hoping my star will glow brighter
to be seen amongst the heavens
but I was young and could not translate
the echo of my heart

In her presence I was a muse
From her lips my name sounds divine
This was my heart thinking
and I was dumb enough to know it was love
but I had no vocal for words
so I left hoping
she would listen to the words from my heart

I would run down her path many times
just to satisfy my eyes but my heart still troubled
Young and foolish I was, young and foolish I am
thinking I could say it all without a word
knowing fully well this was my mind game,
this was my own deception,
this was me alone

The moon had gone to sleep
and the sun will rise
As it is said ‘nothing is hidden under the sun’
Little did I know
she felt same as I did
I had my shot
again & again & again
but my ego never fell
again & again & again
I might have broke her heart without knowing
again & again & again
But then I forgot
this feeling won’t last forever.

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Joel Funom Joshua

Weird but true, I am a chemical engineering student who loves to write poems more often than study my academic books.

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