A step at a time,
I can’t say she does it on purpose
but it was quite noticeable.
As her curves sways from left to right
no eye of a man would miss an episode till it ends.

O yes! Her body was jaw dropping
in as much, it was like a drop of water in a desert
that men would kill for.

My desire were of no difference, I was like every other man, sitting at the bar with a bottle of beer,
Hoping to do shots if only I could afford a couple of rounds,

But she was a bottle I would rather stick too
like an old bottle of scotch, I would love to keep this for just too long.
Maybe I was a little bit selfish on a friend’s account but I knew,
not every bottle was meant for the party.

I could count every eye on her as she walked by.
It is a bit embarrassing because they won’t notice her smile or her eyes which was also a pair,
But kept staring at other pairs just where they could be found.
She was not just a bouquet, she was a whole garden
And if you must be her gardener, you would need more than just tools to prune such a yard.

This was not a day to back down
Neither is she a chocolate meant for kids.
This was a real man’s pie and not a child’s cookie.
She was scary, like an old witch,
She wouldn’t even smile at a joke told by the multitude at her feet.
I guess, I, telling her she was beautiful would be an old joke no one laughs to,
So I shouldn’t expect a thanks.

I was nervous as a cat
And all I had was a shot of my guts to pull this through.
At my approach I was stroke by her gaze, then I knew I had lost it
But I shamelessly stood still, silent and relentless
Knowing she would be the first to utter a word.
My clue of her was wrong, she was not just an old witch but the devil.
She knew the game I was trying to put on and was ready to play.
In my eyes, she could see I was tender, pure hearted, as well as my selfish desire.
Then she said, what makes you different from any other man in the room,
And why would I want to leave with you tonight.
Lust & Pleasure I replied,
Lust & pleasure you require.
For it might be a dangerous night,
And our true fear is not to be alone in the dark.
Then she left a kiss on my lips and words to my ear saying,
Bring it back.
All I could feel for the moment was my pulse, not the air.
I could listen to my absolute silence
and all I could see were butterflies.
Then she said, if truly you are a diver, why swim through a pool and keep the ocean waiting.
So I followed like a proud Lion
For when the lioness is ready to mate, the king says no not.

This time the world stood still when I felt her warm breath against my skin,
Her kiss on my collar bone and her bites on my neck.
She must have figured out how this was a major turn on for me.
She whispered to my ear, you would like it more if you don’t touch me and let me do all the touching.
This was my greatest torment as well as my greatest pleasure.
I lost control of myself when she sucked on my nipple, it was then I understood that a breast would be nothing without a nipple.
I could hear myself moan like a girl and there was no shame to that.
She knew what to do and how to do what she did.
Our tongues fought the war of supremacy all night,
Thou it was a cold night but I felt the heat deep in my bone.
It was a night I describe as perfect.
A night I had to do nothing because she was in charge.
She grind on me just the way she wanted,
She controlled the depth, the angle and the position.
I was just an instrument for her pleasure,
A fantasy I was totally in for.

This was not just a fuck, it was more than sex
This was her, making love to me.
She was fast when she needed to and slow just when it felt right.
The way she switched the tempo made me cry, begging for more.
I could only be done when she was done.
It was a hell of a night spent in paradise.


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Joel Funom Joshua

Weird but true, I am a chemical engineering student who loves to write poems more often than study my academic books.

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