Lydia’s Crucible

Lydia is a beautiful teenage girl who is in the phase of life where tough decisions are made regardless of peer pressure and societal influence. Will she make the right decision? Do you think will she learn from her mistakes?

‘‘Give me your bag old lady’’ a tall huge masked man shouted at a middle aged woman. ‘‘My son I beg of you please don’t harm me’’. The next sound heard was that of a gun and down on the floor the woman went with blood gushing out of her head while the masked man went away with his loot. The small gathering of people nearby took to their heels with fear because either of them could be the next victim. The police didn’t help matters as they trembled at the name of the notorious gang that swung open the broad gate of hell on the community. This was the environment Lydia grew up in.

Lydia was the first of the three children of her mum, Jasmine. Her mother was divorced from her father when she was barely ten. Jasmine is a banker who has no time for her children, leaving her role in the hands of her sixteen year old daughter, Lydia. On a fateful day while she and her siblings were walking back from school, a blue car pulled over in front of them and a huge masked man whose appearance seemed similar to that of the man who killed the old lady a month ago stepped out of the car, fired a bullet into the air causing Lydia and Phoebe to fall on their faces to the ground while their brother was dragged into the car as they watched in fear the car zooming off at the highest speed. The futile search for her brother almost lasted for a week not up until his decomposing body was found near the border of the neighbouring community with his legs, ears, fingers and private part dismembered. Lydia and her mum mourned bitterly as they lowered his remains at the cemetery the next day.

Lydia continued her life happily hoping all things will be better; what more can a sanguine wish for? Her mum got promoted at work to be the regional manager of her bank. This meant a higher pay for her and for Lydia it was the beginning of the end of the mother daughter bond they started building. ‘‘That means no more time for me; it is going to be work today and conference tomorrow’’ she said to herself. The promotion came with a change of environment. They had to relocate to Abuja. ‘‘Lydia darling, you should be excited; you know it’s the country’s capital city’’ her mum said. Lydia fixed a gaze at her mum and shook her head as she returned to the movie she was watching on her phone. They alighted from the taxi when they got to their flat at royal garden estate. Their house was painted turquoise blue and lemon. The taxi driver helped them get their bags inside. ‘‘Give the taxi driver some extra cash, Jasmine told Lydia’’.


Settling down in a new environment was a bit hard for Lydia. She and her sister got enrolled in a new school, a school for the wealthy so to say. Onyx international school was her new school. The school is located at the Peace Garden Estate which is half a kilometre from the airport.

On her first day at school, she and her sister, Phoebe walked to their different classes after their mum dropped them off. Phoebe was the shy type, a fifteen year old girl whose body physique was quite as beautiful as that of her sister. Phoebe walked into her class with her breasts leading the way; the physics teacher was already in class; But John notwithstanding still managed to whisper ‘‘what the f…’’ in such a loud tone that the almost the whole class busted out in laughter. The teacher, Mr Abel, made her stood before the class; Phoebe’s face was down most of the time. ‘Tell us your name’’ the teacher asked. ‘‘Phoebe David Abiyah’’ she said in a voice audible to her alone. ‘‘Obviously she is the shy type; her name is Phoebe David Abiyah. ‘‘feel at home’’ Mr Abel said to Phoebe as he showed her where to sit and continued his session.

Lydia had no trouble settling down in her class as she was ready to fire back at whosoever wanted giving her a tough time, she was somewhat the outspoken one. She was such an epitome of beauty; smooth and flawless ebony skin, a full round mammary gland and an onion bulb bottom just like her sister; she and her sister were quite intelligent and were out to shock their new school that one can be endowed, beautiful and smart.


Lydia kept her cool for the first term, she barely spoke to anyone. Greg was tall dark and handsome guy. His well-built physique was a turn on for girls. Time after time Greg tried making friends with Lydia but all efforts proved abortive. On a particular occasion, Greg had himself bathed with the ice cream he bought for her. Finally, after a thousand and one times she gave in to his advances. ‘‘Hi’’, Greg said. For the first time Lydia gave him the warmest smile. ‘‘Let’s get some snacks before break time is over, I’ll pay’’ he said. They sat at the school’s cafeteria ate yam chips and chicken from the same plate as they talked and laughed at sweet nothings.


Their love grew stronger as time went by, they both now sat close to each other in class. The other things that accompany love followed. The bell for break went off; Greg held her hand as they hurried off to the changing room of the school’s basketball arena as they had earlier agreed. Wet with desire, she moved her hands up and down his groin, got hold of his belt and down his trousers and underwear went giving her a full view of his erection. She knelt before him like a worshipper at a shrine, making sure she got the full satisfaction his erection had to offer in her mouth. Greg pulled her up, planted a kiss on her lips then on her neck leaving her with loud moans of want. His hands moved downwards pushing down her underwear and having fun with wet temple. She pressed her erect nipples against his chest while she whispered ‘‘I want you inside of me’’. There was a switch of the worshipper as Greg went on his knees as he parted her legs; his tongue went to wet places it never dreamt. ‘‘Oh Greg’’ she moaned as he went inside exploring the treasure she had, he went deeper like he was hell bent on retrieving something he lost in there. His legs stiffened as he reached the great height; they cleaned up themselves and hurried back to their class. Luck being on their side, it was just few minutes past the end of the break period. Sex in the changing room was now their new way of enjoying each day’s recess time. They had almost got caught once, but, they were able to outsmart the coach by convincing him that Lydia tried committing suicide in there. Lydia was placed under close watch for a week by the school’s counsellor.


Alas, the unbelievable happened. Greg was involved in a fatal accident on his way to his uncle’s house to stay for the holiday. Nothing could be done as he died on the spot. A piece of glass was stuck in his neck resulting in much loss of blood. The school mourned his demise; the gates of his parent’s house were flung open as students, relatives and well-wishers trooped in their numbers to sympathize with his family. Greg’s remains were laid to rest at the Beryl Gardens Cemetery amidst tears from schoolmates, classmates, friends and Lydia who almost cried out blood. Greg’s only brother had threatened to jump into Greg’s grave and be buried with him, saying he can’t live without him. It was really a painful loss.


It took some time to get over the incidence and seemed to have developed a thick skin afterwards. Greg was actually first guy she truly loved or it should perhaps be called lust. She continued doing well in school, topping her class like she had no competitor. It took no time before she started having new requests for friendships so to say. Phoebe on the other hand kept her cool, being friendly when her spirit instructs. This approach chased boys away from her. Ted, her classmate walked up to her, beamed a broad smile which showcased his dimples. ‘‘Hi Phoebe, please I would love to you to be my tutor on some topics in physics and chemistry ’’, he said. ‘‘Which?’’, she asked with a charming smile on her face causing goose bumps to grow on Ted’s skin as he replied ‘‘electromagnetism and hydrocarbons’’. ‘‘I’ll do that when I’m less busy, but first give me your mathematics textbook’’ she said. She got the textbook as requested and started studying. While studying flipping through the pages of the textbook she stopped at a page where she found a paper that had a pencil sketch of her with a small inscription of ‘‘I wish you were mine’’; she smiled and wrote ‘‘I will be yours whenever you are ready’’. She hurried up her study so as to return the textbook. It dawned on shy Ted that the sketch was still in the textbook as he scratched the left side of his head like it was lice infested. She smiled and said ‘‘thank you’’ as she returned the book, Ted quickly flipped the pages to where the sketch was, saw her reply and looked at her direction only to catch her eyes already staring and her face full of smiles like a lottery winner. It took him almost forever to break out of his shell and approach her. ‘‘Slow and steady wins the race’’ was his key statement for laziness or not being bold, so to say. The fateful day came, he summoned all the courage he could get, but oh God! His pickup lines were so lame. She didn’t mind, she squeezed him in a hug and looked into his eyes, gave him a broad smile; ‘‘I am all yours now’’ she said.


‘‘Let’s all go to the cinema today’’, Jasmine said to her daughters. They agreed though surprised that their mother had time for them today. They quickly had their bath, the trio wore matching clothes. ‘‘The cinema was cool though, BlackBird cinema which they went to was a talk of the town, the popcorn was so on point; and the pizza? Oh God! Scrumptious. ‘‘Let’s go have lunch’’ Jasmine announced. Mum, what is going on? Phoebe asked. ‘‘I have really missed my babies’’ she said as she pulled them together in a hug. How has school been for you both? She asked as they sat at the restaurant to eat.


That time of the year was here, it was the school’s tradition of organizing an end of year party for the students. What interested the students the most was the freedom to wear anything of their choice, the performances of invited musicians and comedians; spontaneous quickies in unbelievable corners of the school and the little or no supervision of the school authority.

Lydia and her sister wore their best for the party. Phoebe had a date for the party, her shy boyfriend while Lydia’s aim was to kill boredom. ‘‘Let’s talk outside’’ Ted said to Phoebe. ‘‘Hey boyfriend, why can’t you just allow me enjoy this night to the fullest?’’ Phoebe said as they stepped out the door. ‘‘You look so beautiful tonight; that dress? Truth be told, it fits you perfectly’’ he complimented as they moved down the stairs. ‘‘I think I am hungry’’ she said. Their journey to the cafeteria seemed like a thousand miles as they talked about sweet nothings like most lovers do. They settled to eat a plate of rice and chicken stew, eating from the same plate was more like their new tradition. Few minutes into their food, loud shouts of ‘‘the school is on fire’’ was heard from afar. ‘‘Is that not from the multipurpose hall?’’ she asked. ‘‘Let’s go check it out’’ he said as they left their unfinished and hurried down to the somewhat far away school’s multipurpose hall.

On reaching there, the hall had already been engulfed with smoke; the fire was caused by an electrical fault. A head count was done to ascertain everyone was safe. All of a sudden, a shout of ‘‘where is my sister?, where is Lydia?’’ came from the crowd. There dashed in fearless Jesse like Bollywood’s Krish into the fire to look for Lydia. Poor Lydia had earlier slept off during but things got worse when she was choked by the smoke and no one seemed to have noticed while running out. The school authority and the fire fighters were quickly alerted. Everyone stood with crossed fingers, praying for the success of Jesse’s rescue mission. After fifteen minutes of the risky rigorous search, she was found. With the little strength he had left he carried her in his arms as he struggled down the stairs. Phoebe and Ted ran towards Jesse as fast as they could at his sight. She touched her sister, trying to bring her back to life. Tired and dehydrated Jesse slumped afterwards. There, came a paramedic ambulance. ‘‘Step aside everyone’’ the paramedics commanded as they picked up Lydia and Jesse into van with Phoebe and Ted agreeing to go with them. The fire fighters with the school’s proprietor following behind almost had a head on collision with the paramedic ambulance vehicle on their way out from the scene. The fire fighters quickly did their job. ‘‘I am sorry, the party is officially closed; the fire was as a result of an electrical fault, you all can go home now’’ the proprietor announced.
Jasmine was alerted of the recent development and she rushed down to the hospital to see her daughter, Lydia. Lydia and Jesse were resuscitated but Jesse suffered minor burns and could only be discharged after a week of intensive care. Lydia was frequent at the hospital when she learnt Jesse risked his live to save hers. Boom! They grew in love, but will Jesse be able to keep up with her desire for sex? was a thing to be worried about, because it seemed he was in for love till marriage and not the pleasures therein. ‘‘Is he not too young to think of marriage?’’ Jesse’s friends often discussed among themselves. ‘‘Smash that girl’’ he was often told. Jesse had seemed to have found his dream girl, all things they did together except having sex.


‘‘Let’s have sex’’, Lydia begged Jesse. Jesse sat her down and did his best in giving her his reason of abstaining from sex. For the first one month she could cope, her defence broke down and was addicted to self-pleasure. Her classmate, Phil had once caught her doing things to herself in the changing room of the basketball arena. ‘‘Let me help you out’’ he said as he moved closer, got a nod as permission and down he went with his fingers caressing and digging deep into her wet temple. She grabbed his groin, felt his big rock hard erection as she begged him to explore the treasured walls of her wet temple with him. Happy as he could be, he went inside; he was welcomed by warmness, going deeper he went. It had not been long until he acted like an epileptic patient on top of her, all his load went inside of her. She shook him off as she got up cleaned up herself and hurried back to class. ‘‘I have been searching all over for you’’ Jesse said. Lydia gave him a cold treatment for the rest of the day.

Weeks passed Jesse had not still given in to her plea, so Phil was now the man of the moment doing all the things that made Lydia sexually satisfied. This continued up until Lydia started feeling sick. She took a few drugs, but her good health did not last long. She started noticing some changes in her body ‘‘am I pregnant?’’ she thought. ‘‘Phil has been using no condom, so why not’’, a voice in her head said. The next day at school she informed Phil about the new development. Phil agreed knowing a place that has a reputation for successful abortions. The evacuation was successful. What was meant to be a matter of secrecy turned out the wrong way as complications set in and was bleeding profusely a day after .She was left with no choice but telling her mother who rushed her immediately to the hospital. ”Ma’ am you are lucky she was brought here early, she was already on her way to death” the doctor said. She was well taken care of at the hospital and her mum listened to her story with no condemnation. The only thing she was heard saying was ”I am very disappointed at you, what if you died?”. Her boyfriend learnt of this and visited her at home after her recovery till when she was strong enough to start school again.

Jesse notwithstanding forgave and still loved her same. He bought her a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate when she resumed school.” I warned her, may be this should be an enough lesson for her ” he thought.

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