We go where the wind takes us
No compass to know where we’re headed
Driven by blistering winds and tempests
Our eyes covered by phantasmagorical mist
We are aware of the turns we’ve taken
A chastisement for our own folly
Yet we chose to ignore the obvious
And keep believing in our lies
Then again, what normal man would
Admit to have been played like a guitar
So we let ourselves sink deeper
Into the mess of our own invention
Truth will set us free, they said.
A truth in itself, but one only half true
For they so easily left out the part
That the truth will also frustrate us.
We are like a really unamusing satire
A muse for some, a lesson for others
Almost three scores we’ve wandered
Almost three scores of greed, apathy and deceit
Sometimes we want to emerge from our shells
Revenants from the land of the gullible
But we fail to retrace our steps
And an all too familiar history becomes imminent
Sadly, reality sets in like the dusk
A harsh reality; that we love being lied to
And the truth is like a heavy mould of starch
So hard to swallow and harder to digest
*Sigh* oh well, at least we’re hopeful
The last flicker of light in our half dead faculties
For what is a man without hope
But a body without an ectoplasmic inhabitant.

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