A young man asked his dad, ” how do I find the right woman” , the reply he got from the dad was simple but it got me thinking, ” forget about finding the right woman and focus on being the right man” .
Most nights as I go home I always find a couple,the man is always drunk ( always) I have never seen him sobber.The woman is always holding his hand so he won’t fall off.With this weather you can imagine it’s raining , it’s cold but every single night the woman is always taking his drunk husband home.
It got to me so I decided to stop the woman and ask her a few questions( I don’t care if you think am nosy). I wanted to know why she does what she does ,and if she has kids.
She has three small kids. She makes sure they have eaten by 8 and they are asleep by 9, not because they should get a goodnight sleep but because by 9.30 she goes to the local changaa den to pay her husbands bill( yes she pays for the changaa that the husband takes).
I was shocked, why do that ? , It got me thinking what would happen if the roles were reversed.
Dudes think about it your wife drinks every single day, you have to take care of your three small kids, feed them do everything your wife should be doing( feminist be like, who says only the woman should do those things to the kids).
Dear Feminist this is Kenya and for now I will not address your views.

As a jamaa , I can’t live with a woman who behaves like that , most guys want a woman who stays in the house with kids.
In this day and age there is a man who believes a womans place is in the kitchen( man who believes that, who is your mother?).
I asked the woman why she stays in such a marriage. “For better or worse”,that’s all she said. I was amazed such people exist.
I believe that there are alot of women like that in this world.
I decided to share that with you because in the Bible we are told that woman was made from man’s rib ( kindly allow me to quote the Bible even if you don’t believe in it😎).
My story today is about the missing rib, think about it, most women we know are kind and thoughtful, generous, loving and caring. I’m thinking that rib contained everything nice( maybe it’s the chemical X that professor
Utonium used to make the powerpuff girls).
A big percentage of men can’t stay in a relationship with a drunkard for a wife, but many women have to live with abusive husbands, why ?
Are men special?
Some say a woman should be submissive NO MATTER what( ladies I also don’t agree with that) .
As a dude I will not claim that good women are not around, I will work hard to be a good husband to my wife( my missing rib) , I believe you attract your own kind.
To all those dudes who say good women are not around anymore, look at yourself first, do you deserve a good woman?

I hope you enjoyed the article…..

( My mother’s son)

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