Mother’s Love

We lived in a small quiet village where teenage pregnancies were rampant, and promiscuity wasn’t a new thing. Anyways no one cared, we all were happy I guess, as life just seemed so simple.

I lived with my step dad and my mum, my younger ones were scattered around as my mum had different lovers. It wasn’t a stable home after all, in that small village there were no stable homes, but it was everyman for himself, likewise every woman and child for themselves.

The only time I smiled truly was in school, our small quiet school. But all of us were from broken homes, illiterate parents, and different parents, if only the situation was different. I’m just a small quiet girl lost among the crowd wishing to grow up in a different background.

Staying with my step father, I was always dealing with a drunk man every night, cleaning up after his mess, my mother is yet again with another lover, I hope she doesn’t come home pregnant, I thought she had stopped… seeing that she decided to settle down with my step dad but, I guess not, my step dad didn’t seem to care anyway cause he had his wayward ways too and he was also a drunk.

My mother left and never to return again, she didn’t inform me, nor bother to take me either, I became like all my other siblings but this time around with another man as my father, I was never comfortable in the house but how would she have noticed when she never even cared about me.

I suffered in silence emotionally, I was lacking a lot of things, and my formal education wasn’t even helping because it had always been every man for himself.

I lacked the basic things a girl would need; I lacked a mother’s love, I lacked a mother’s education and warning, I was left out in the cold with no one to advise me or help me out.

He was drunk he said, but he already started showing signs, he touches my butt when I serve him food, I have caught him staring at me in a very uncomfortable manner, I knew what he wanted because we were already being taught by the female corpers in my school to always close our legs no matter what, that we were still too young for any type of relationships.

But then what could I have done, who could have rescued me in our village, everybody minded their business. There was no one to advise me on what to do or who to talk to about it… if only mother was here, but even if she was, would she notice? I just stayed quiet and turned blind eyes to everything he was doing; he started spending more time at home too.

When he was done, he told me to clean up and get out of his room, insulted me that I wasn’t even sweet or flexible, that how can I just lay down there and just watch him that don’t I know its meant to be part of my job, after all I wasn’t his child and he’s sure I’m just like my mother with the men around…

When the fruit of what he did came to light, he sang a different song, he lied that I was promiscuous with 4 men so I didn’t know who was the father of my child… the quiet villagers whom I thought all minded their business, apparently didn’t, I was called names and was also accused of being like my mother… anyway I’m just like every other teenage girls in the village now. I hide from my teachers and friends at school to avoid telling anyone my story or anyone figuring out the truth. So I bear the shame of my father because I was without a mother’s love…..

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