About someone who’s going through depression and eventually commits suicide hoping the other world would be better.


(for every soul out there going through depression)
You sank in the deep blue ocean of pain,
And withered away in the endless golden desert of happiness.
Every second, every minute, every hour and everyday, you drank.
You drank from your mind and drank with your heart. A wine.
Finely made by the devil. To only people suffering emotionally like you.
You drank from the wine named sadness and you got drunk always.
Drunk in depression.


In your head was a holy church. The choir sang songs of your death,
The ministers preached daily on a new hope after death
And your pastor daily preached about death and its significance.
“ Commit suicide and enter into the bosom of the most high” your pastor said
“ Yes Pastor. Very soon. Give us one more day” the congregation would daily yell.
Until finally, every congregation died. And it remained just your physical body.

“ You’ll enter into the bosom of the most high” you remembered.
But here you are. In a completely different and strange bosom
Definitely not of the imagined most high you pictured while on earth.
You’re in the bosom of torture. Another sadness. Deeper hopelessness.
A whole new realm of pain. A world of sorrow.
This is triple of the suffering you faced on earth.
And to think death was the solution,
Killing yourself without knowing what the other world was truly like.

You opened your eyes and realized it was just a dream.
You’re alive!
So hey. You who is depressed. I am depressed too.
But let’s fight for our happiness, and say no to suicide.


I love anything art.

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