Save the saviours

He goes about giving his all,
Spares no effort to save all,
Giving no mind to his own fall;
A superhero with no cape at all,
Always at the weak’s beck and call.

She has no boundaries in giving,
Shows no weakness in leading;
Her strength in situations keep you wondering,
Is she really a human being?
But beneath is a being with her own failings,
Like a comedienne bored of her own clowning.

He radiates joy wherever he goes;
She breathes life into situation of doles;
Doling out love like people without woes;
Wielding cupid’s bow bedecked with arrows,
Stringed and ready to aid even foes.

Yes they may seem like gods;
Yes they may look strong as rocks;
But always reach out to them with encouraging words,
Cos even superheroes sometimes need saving;
Even cupid sometimes need love;
And even our saviours sometimes need saving.


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