I have surrendered
My inhibition..
My civility to insanity and depression
I may have fooled my friends
I may have fooled my family
I could not fool myself…
For All things that begin must end
There is a voice inside of me
Don’t get too close
You might hear it
It might hear you
It might talk to you
Blessing and curse..it is
Eat away at my sanity..it has
Rob me of my humanity..it will
It is who I am
Though I regret it
It is who I am
My identity
Before I lose my nerve
I will walk the rope..the edge
Like others before me..
Plagued by dread and grief
Searching for happiness
Finding none
Searched for relief
Like the brave cowards before me
I will hone my blade
I will use said blade on my wrists
I will watch me bleed
Before my life’s blood is spent
I would ask forgiveness
Forgiveness for this unspeakable deed

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