Rahaman University was full to the brim unusually. Many students that hasn’t been present to receive lectures for months unsurprisingly, turned out to be present, tumultuous crowd tripping to the premises. It was quite expected, owing to the fact that semester exams was around the corner. Registration of students were ongoing, as well as the end of semester assessment. Tafa’s one week absent ended that day. His family situation had made him lose some part of his school activities. His father’s health was above average, his mother had been buried two days ago, even though, he and his sister Fatima had little time for bereavement, the latter, still in shock about the turn of events. Part of Rita’s money was put into use in moving his demise mother away from the morgue. The church was yet to make a decision concerning his request and luckily , his father was still breathing. As of that point, he seemed his prayers were answered. Tranquility was restored partially to his life. He moved one or two paces faster when he noticed a queue at the notice board, students who entered the premises joined the queue. A fellow student called out his name, in a boisterous crowded vicinity, he slowed his pace and then stopped to investigate the direction of the voice. It was at the second call that he envisioned his caller. It was his course mate Ali whom he hadn’t seen for a while. Ali was one of those students who they nicknamed “other students “, a group of students, many considered unserious and nuisance. Like others, he scarcely receives lectures, unless when he deems it fit.
“Tafa, longest time man. I haven’t seen you in a long while, what’s up?
“Family issues guy. I lost my mother during the past week. So, kind of choked up. ”
“Oh, that’s so sad. Sorry for the demise. I will say RIP to her soul.”
“Thanks. Am late already. Are you coming towards my direction? I can see we are walking in contrast. ”
“I just want to pick up something from a friend at the library. Will catch up with you later in class”. He dismissed Tafa and later called his attention to check the notice board where Tafa was originally going. Tafa quickly doubled his pace with fervour. He noticed the crowd looking at him with mockery at his emergence. He wondered the reason for the spurring eyes, the unnecessary attention which made him nervous. He advanced a little, the crowd had adjusted to let him space. He now understood the unusual attention when he checked he wouldn’t partake in the upcoming semester exam, next week. He had an unpaid, outstanding fees from the previous semester, the only student not to. He buried his head in shame and walked away angrily, he couldn’t stomach the mockery and jest, the wicked laughter the crowd pulled, calling him, “Empty president”, “pauper of a Christian “, some said God himself will drop down to pay his fees and write the exams for him Himself and the rest of dehumanizing insults and at the end of each statements, they chuckled as they dispersed. To him, it was ridiculous to think that the people gathered there to despise him, even though his name wasn’t the only one on the list and unethical to publish the names that should have been called privately to withdraw instead of being disgraced publicly. That was his opinion, some students weren’t happy with his evangelism in school, the progress of the increase in the number of Christians was a pain to them, so they seized the perfect opportunity to debase him. Tafa himself had discussed with the bursar concerning payment, which was to give him more time to pay up. That was two weeks before, he opined to reach the bursar’s office to find out his reason for breaching the agreement.
The office of school bursar was in the administrative building, where Tafa stopped at the door. After knocking once, a soft voice ushered him in. The school bursar was a man in his late sixties, vivacious and handsome for his age who could still be attractive to the opposite Sex. His head flooded with grey hairs, round face and broad nose enough to shelter a toddler, a protruded belly which is a common characteristic undoubtedly of African men at that age. It’s significance denotes his wealth and position.
“Good morning Sir”
“Tafa, what brings you to my office”, peeved by his presence.
“Sir, I came in respect to the notice on… ”
“And what about it?” he cuts in.
“Sir, with all due respect, I thought we had a mutual agreement on the… ”
“That agreement has been terminated. I can’t concur to the agreement. No payment, no schooling, no exams”.
“But Sir, I promised to pay up all outstanding debt. My mother died last weekend and my father is in hospital. You have to show me mercy. ”
“Not any more Mr. We operate on the directives of the board. I have a little say in all decision making and you can’t thwart that. Please, go and get the payment ready.”
“Please Sir, I know you still have an iota of pity in you, you can help me once more. ”
“Get out of my office now or I call the security to be your escorts”.
The look of pestilence on his face drove Tafa away. Adding further embarrassment to what he had encountered earlier was what he wanted to avoid. The bursar had always been very kind to him except of course, this exception he needed the most. He couldn’t fathom why he didn’t want to help him out, the board never had a say in his decisions and why now, perhaps, he was in one of those days everything went from bad to ugly. Could it be the bursar was telling the truth? Questions kept popping in his head about the veracity of his statement. He knew something was not right. It didn’t bother him anymore that he couldn’t get help from his regular, he wouldn’t miss his last semester exam for anything and his alternative was to talk to his roommate, Rogers in as much as he despised the idea.
The school bursar hated what he did to Tafa. He gazed at the ceiling after the door was shut, abandoning the paper work he was doing. Sympathy overwhelmed him and he felt his judgement wasn’t fair but he couldn’t change what had already been done, in as much he hated to. The threats he was given to, the previous night by unknown masked men, he conceited were the members of the said popular cultists, group reverberated in his head. It happened on a Sunday, in a cozy and quiet evening where security patrol in the staff quarters was minimum in and outside the entire varsity. Kamal and Almin were completely clad in black sleeveless shirt and trousers, with a pistol, placed on their waist, tucked in. They walked stealthily to a bungalow house, the fourth house from the right hand side of the mosque, distant from the hostels. The varsity bursar was undressing himself inside the sitting room and getting prepared to rest for the night, after the long day at church where he was a worker. He heard a knock sound twice faintly, he wasn’t expecting anyone except his fellow colleague, a lecturer who was away on a visit to his brother who got injured during the recent bomb explosion.
“Yes, who are you? ”
“It’s Dr Aliyu”, came the voice of Almin.
“Oh, you are back finally. Thought you wouldn’t be back till… ” he became dazed at the sight of the masked gun men, each pointing a gun at him.
“Please, don’t kill me”, he kept retracting till he fell on his cushion.
“Please don’t harm me, I will do whatever you ask of me. ”
“Be quiet old man, you won’t be hurt, if you do what I say”.
“Yes, I will, I will”, he said scarily.
“Haha, you don’t need to be scared. Just a simple task for you to do. We know Tafa’s financial in capabilities, he is handicapped at the moment and he is at your clemency of not dropping out if school right? The bursar nodded in confirmation.
“Answer me man, yes or no? ”
“Yes, yes”, he responded in a shiver.
“Good, I want you to act on the pretext of following the directives of the board to disallow him from participating in the forthcoming exams, attending lectures and disallowed to stay within the hostel till his debt is cleared. Am I understood?
“Yes, yes, yes. Perfectly understood. ”
“Failure to comply to these instructions will attract so ugly, it’s own reverberations you wouldn’t want to witness.”
“Yes, I understand “.
“Good. One more thing, this shouldn’t be heard outside the walls of this room, not to anyone. Do you understand?”
“Yes, I understand “.
“Good old man. Enjoy your beautiful night”. Kamal tapped him on his shoulders and departed with his partner. Mr Lawal let out a deep sigh of relief. Soon, he noticed he was wet underneath, he hadn’t realized he had peed. The fright was overwhelming and he dashed towards his bedroom for a change.
Rogers sat on his bed, with game pads on his hand playing the Xbox console. He enjoyed playing games whenever he was bored or when he had no place to go. His friends weren’t at their room when he knocked, wondered where they had been without him been informed but didn’t consider it absurd since it wasn’t an operation,it wasn’t the first time it happened to him. He ventured his time into the game playing. Tafa walked in dejected, fazed by the circumstances surrounding him, the shock he hasn’t recovered from in the Bursar’s office, a man that has turned to be his judas. Slowly, he walked past Rogers into his bed;
“Hello,whats up dude? You just disappeared for the weekend. Why that face huh? ” still, got his attention focused on the screen.
“Rogers, I know you are still my friend,I need you more than ever, you have to lend me your ears please.”
“Yes, am listening”, his full attention was on Tafa.
“You know my mum died in the hospital ”
“Oh, am so sorry. That’s terrible at a time like this. Was that your reason for your long absent from school?”
“That’s correct. In addition, you have heard the school has ordered all debtors to stay clear of campus until all debts are cleared.”
“I over-heard that. So what’s your point? “, Tafa thrust his head forward once more;
“I need some dough from you please, just to pay up to sit for the exams. I will pay back as soon as possible.”
“Shit, you know this a hard time, I really don’t have enough right now in the trunk. I would really love to help you but I can’t”.
“You can ask from your friends or something. I will pay back soonest. Rogers, I believe you can help me. ” Rogers sprang to his feet and took dome paces around the room, he was sweating on his forehead, occasionally wipes it off with his handkerchief. Tafa, at each pace, prayed silently to receive a favourable answer.
“I can’t help you”
“You can simply tell them it’s you requesting it. There is no harm in it.”
“You don’t understand Roomie, these guys are everywhere, their eyes are all round. They will definitely know I helped you, am sorry I can’t lie to them, I will be endangering myself if I do. You can have the money given to you in full if you do fulfil one obligation ”
“And what is that?”
“If you join us. Tafa don’t you see your are in a mess. Wealth will be like the speck of the dust if you agree to work with us”. Tafa’s hope were dashed, he wouldn’t be so desperate to join a sect that is against his beliefs, against his christen Dom. Rogers persuasion in him joining was not understandable, even though it was for the obvious reason. Rogers hunkered beside him on the rig, his hands over his shoulders;
“Tafa, emancipate yourself from the slavery of poverty, your intransigent attitude will lead you to nowhere but cloud you in misery and anguish and you might not really know what the future holds for you. ”
“Am not interested. All I want is your assistance and I know you wouldn’t help me. Thank you.” His borrowed phone rang, it was a call from the hospital where his father was;
“Tafa Waziri on the line… what… ok, I will be on my way… ”
He hung up and dashed towards the door, he remembered he left his bag on the bed, Rogers inquired of the problem and when told that his father had another cardiac arrest, he hurried for a change of clothes. He had told Tafa he would try to raise some money from another source unknown to the Al-hida sect, which was unlikely, since he rarely talks to anyone outside his clique. Tafa prayed once more, saying the news shouldn’t get worse. It was a critical moment for Tafa. He stated repeatedly that his Father will not die.


The Apex house, in the capital city Abuja, Nigeria was the abode of the President, Mr Ajuwa Williams comprised of eighty-four rooms, thirty-two bathrooms, a conference meeting room, where members of the Cabinet meet, two sitting rooms, In it, hanging in a frame suspended on the white wall, were the pictures of past Presidents in circular form, a red leather upholstery, in a harmonious colour with the rug, a large glass center table and forty-five servants and workers, that ensures regular maintenance.
On the outside of the twin duplex, a special telecommunication aerial stood on a chimney, hung on a slate by the far right corner of the corrugated sheets, a skylight and a dormer window. A thatched enclosure stood beside which housed two snipers. A plethora of about two hundred and fifty armed military men and uniformed police personnel paraded in and out, from the first gate of the driveway. A vegetable garden about a hectare situated behind the chain like wall, CCTV cameras and automatic bomb activation and deactivation button and satellite control, numbered about eighty surrounded the electric fit fence to the inside, with the later, capable of detecting any signal within two miles of launch and deactivate them, with the help of anti-missile computer. Each of the security and defense mechanism were controlled in a brick built house behind the staff quarters by the defense system unit personnel. A basketball hoop was suspended on a gutter, tennis and volleyball court were beside a swimming pool after the garden and a fully fledged clinic. The house was a prevalent structure, built in the early twentieth century in England.
The president himself stood in the balcony of his bedroom, seemingly enjoying the pleasant sight of the morning sun rise with a glass cup, half filled with a red wine. He has been a shadow of himself lately, his campaign of being re-elected into office for the second term had been very hectic, largely due to the fact, he senses a feeling of not being trusted by the people any more even though, the facts are not so legible and then, the insecurity, which seemed a perfect wrong time for his ambitions and feels is going to daunt it. The recent bombings in Baigari State and Moguil state had been very particular in the sense that these states contributed immensely to his victory at the polls. . He had been left in shambles and rage since the bombings, resulting in insomniac nights. When he does sleep, he is troubled by the night mare of being dead at the Apex house by the bombings. This was the reason for the recent deployment of more military personnel in his home. Someone was haunting him from his past, he would tell that to himself and his wife who was abroad, for a while whenever he reasons, the obvious points for the commencement of the attacks. His political enemies, he taught were behind the calamity, but he couldn’t figure who. His cloud of thoughts were disturbed by the coming of one of his servants, who announced the coming of Chief of Army, defense unit and chief of Police Unit, Baigari state .
“Tell them to wait under the shade in the garden. “He dismissed her and called one of his military guard and told him to keep away the eyes of the fourth estate from getting any information as it was strictly a closed door meeting. The Chief of Army Unit, Lieutenant General Kadibe Orji was lanky disciplined, dark skin complexioned with a wrinkled face and a small pointed nose in his sixties sat in one of the four chairs already set in the garden, his chin up was clad in his uniform with pips and crowns in his epaulet. He had served in the military for fourteen years, three of those were where he worked in the artillery unit and the others, as an outfield soldier. Close to him was the chief of Defense Unit, Segun Folorunsho who unlike the former was robust looking, sat cross-legged waiting and shared similar phenotype with the Police Chief with the exception of a broad nose compared to the Chief of Defense unit tiny nose like there was none. He served in the Army as a tactics and strategy expert almost all his lifetime. Chief of Police unit, Baigari State Kenneth Orie has been in the police force for thirty years before his appointment, about six months ago. Mr Ajuwa Williams welcomed them warmly as he met them. The Chief of Defense Unit reached for his brief case opposite him on the ground and brought out a document he handed over to Mr Ajuwa Williams.
“His Excellency, here is the report of the recent bomb explosions. We are yet to nab the bombers but we have suspects in our custody”. Mr Ajuwa Williams reached for his glasses in his pocket, nodded his head in approval of what he read.
“Hmmmm, I like the authenticity of the report, but What happened to the security cameras in each street electric poles. We should have culprits and not suspects and it should have had the videos”.
“Sir, there was no witness or witnesses at the time of the explosion except one who wasn’t lucky enough to survive to tell”, the Police Chief stated.
“How possible is that? “
“His Excellency, all the video cameras were destroyed prior to the attack. It stopped functioning hours before the insurgents struck “, explained implicitly by the Chief of Defense. They stopped discussing, waited for the maid to serve drinks before commencing.
“Are the repairs underway”
“Yes, it’s currently been taken care of. ”
Silence struck for a while. Mr Ajuwa Williams stood pacing about with his orangeade drink. He was thinking of what to do next, the next plan to execute. His thoughts were like a mold block, he couldn’t come up with any plan, and when he realized he still couldn’t, he took his seat back and maintained eye contacts with his subordinates.
“We need to be more pragmatic, these unknown numbers are way to cleaver and will continue to come. We should expect the next attack soon. Every checkpoint in Moguil and Baigari should be barricaded since they are the most affected states for now, every single exit and borders should too. Any one of suspicion should be gunned down immediately. As it is now, military presence is needed. All hands must be on deck. We need to contain this before the killings become insidious and grow into an epidemic ”
“Yes, but we need more deployments sir, more armored tanks to keep the operation abreast,” the Chief of Army unit stated.
“It will be approved soon”, he took another sip of his juice.
The maid dropped the empty tray in the kitchen, raced towards an empty room she glanced at and looked back to check if she was followed. When she noticed she wasn’t, brought a phone from the pocket of her apron and dialed some numbers.
“Hello Alhaji, it’s me Hadijat. The president is in a closed door meeting with his security chiefs”
“Did you eavesdrop ”
“I did but not quite the exact. They said nothing when I served but stayed fir a while and heard a few things. They are planning on the next strategy that will soon commence, something about deployment of more soldiers”
“Ok, good. Continue to keep your ears close to the ground, “he hung up. Hadijat like everyone that has helped has been one of the beneficiaries of Alhaji Saheed’s “good work”. Once, a destitute and a street hawker, he chose for his despicable acts in years to come like the devil he always has been . Alhaji Saheed whiled away no time in calling Ruff, whatever the outcome of the meeting was, he knew deployment will take some time to execute, being part of the Government previously. It only suggested, they needed to hit soonest.
“Ruff, you need to hit immediately ”
“When Alhaji?”
“I don’t think it’s really possible. The exigency is soon. I need to gather the boys and pinpoint positions. It will take a while to do that”
“No damn it, you need to act now. No more questions and do as I say. Get it done today “.
“My apologies, we will do as you say”, Alhaji Saheed hung up first. Ruff dashed towards their hideout, a place in an outskirt, after informing his friends. This was the place where their weapons were kept buried under the ground and where they stayed after an operation.
“So, what is the plan? ”
“The plan, well, this is it. We use three taxis, stop at a distance and Forge ahead on foot in three’s. There are three cross roads leading to the square and a nearby uncompleted building beside a grassy land, one group stays in it and the other on the grassy land, launch the bombs and disappear, the other should dress like the military and stay at each cross road. The uniforms are here. No one will question you because military presence will be heavy, everybody will be assumed as one, keep them busy fir a while. The street cameras there are not repaired yet so there is no need to be afraid. Ten minutes maximum, everyone should retreat into the Bush, about a kilometer behind. A car will be waiting by the side to take off”, Ruff slips his vest above his head and noticed something amiss, Rogers absence of course was it. He had the key to the box that contained the weapons under the ground.
“Where is Rogers for goodness sake? ”
“Come in”, answered the doctor who was engaged in filing some paper work. Tafa and Rogers leapt into the cold office perspiring from the run up.
“How is he doctor? I have been kept waiting at the reception for some minutes with my friend without any attendance from no one till I was directed here”
“Are you Mr Tafa Waziri? ”
“Yes I am. The son of Mr Joshua Waziri”
“Alright, am doctor Mark. Your father’s case was transferred to me. He had an arrest about an hour ago, his heart is getting weaker by the day. The chance of surviving the next arrest is very slim, if we don’t get the money for his transplant now, am afraid, we may lose him. ”
“Oh Jesus, I haven’t gotten the deposit yet let alone the full amount. Doctor you have to do something. There must be an alternative, can’t you go with the transplant while I run for the money”
“Am sorry, it can’t be done. There is nothing I can do”
Rogers phone beeped for an incoming message and left, simultaneously, Tafa excused himself to place a call to pastor Simon who didn’t receive after two dials, he was to find out if his loan request had been approved. Fortunately, after the third dial, pastor Simon received,
“Good day Pastor”
“How are you Tafa”
“Not ok sir, I called to know if my request had been approved, my father is going to drop dead at any moment if he has another cardiac arrest”
“Am sorry Tafa, I just left the meeting in the church, your request wasn’t granted. The church can’t fund the surgery”.
Tafa for a moment thought he hadn’t listened well but when he heard again, he became dumbfounded, gazed into the eyes of the doctor who was still busy on his table and then Rogers who returned from taking a call. He stood in the middle of a blue sea, befuddled and never had this ugly picture he has been experiencing, his pastor couldn’t help him, his own church couldn’t help him, he had no one except Rita who at the moment was more than helpful. Rogers read the meaning on his face, he wanted to tell him he was leaving him for an assignment but the look discouraged him, he was his close friend and deserting him would be callous of him, for he was full of sympathy for him, if only he could help him but he was under an oath, the sect oath not to help anyone on the outside. Tafa moved to sit on his seat, whispered to Rogers ears and in few seconds, he was seen going to a noiseless area, taking an excuse from the doctor.
“Am in ok, what’s the point sticking to a faithless beguiled faith when my father is dying every second? . I want the money now and then I join your clique”
“Hmmmm, ok. I don’t know how long it will take to get it transferred to your account but I will get it done. It’s not really our rule to till you join but I can help you and make exception. Your my friend and won’t allow your father to die”
An Automated Teller Machine was situated outside the hospital, as no banks was near, running to and fro and with all the logistics problems will while away time so, using the ATM was best. Rogers finally excused himself from Tafa, with the reason of having an appointment. Few minutes elapsed, Tafa received the alert on his phone about the transfer, without further ado, he made the withdrawal, proceeded to the doctor’s office.
“I have the money with me now. Can we proceed with the surgery? ”
“We can obviously, take it to the accounting office. I will assign a nurse to lead you”, the doctor stood to leave, taking his lab coat off when a plump nurse bagged in.
“Doctor we have an emergency, the patient, Mr Waziri is having a heart attack.”
“Give him another 10 Mg of dopamine immediately. “He instructed the nurse through the telephone on his desk.
“Doctor, is my father ok? Is he?”
“I don’t know for now until I get there, please, excuse me “. Tafa stood dazed for a moment, he was faithless but held on to his faith for the last time. The statement made by the doctor, his father not surviving the next attack only rotated in his head, he proceeded to the accounting office.
Cuppala Square was filled with top state political figures of the Freedom Party. The local Government Chairman, party chairman and Governor led the rally, huge boisterous crowd behind them. The local Government chairman was seeking for re-election, just like the governor for the next four years in office. The former was imminent, the date scheduled to take place a week before the state. The Local Government chairman began to declare his campaign promises on stage, then the party’s chairman, rounding it up was the Governor. A huge blast of a sound was made, there was a bomb explosion on one part of the square, the sound threw tumultuous crowd into panic, few seconds apart, two quick fire bomb blasts occurred, on the stage and on the roof, and then everywhere. The remaining crowd was thrown into perplexity, running pep Mel, security operatives led the distinguished political figures out of the square, corpse littered the square though some were injured to the point of being dead, only few escaped unhurt after the sound of the first explosion. The whole square was now deserted except for Emergency unit and the dead corpses.
Ruff and his team had already sped past the empty checkpoints and the barricade of the soldiers, few miles away from their drop zone. There was some sort of silence as though, they missed something. Rogers kept hitting his fist on the seat in front, muttering hare words to himself.
“Am sorry Rogers, I messed up big time. I shouldn’t have gone beyond boundary”, Janko, one of them apologized.
“Just shut up okay, just keep your mouth shut. What the hell were you thinking huh? Releasing launchers for the sake of fun? Stick to the plan, that was the instruction and then, you decided to do your own way by getting to kill people you weren’t told to. You just killed my friends siblings, the only ones he has got perhaps, give me a reason not to shoot you, “pointed a gun at him furiously.
“Hey, calm down dude. He overreacted, that’s it and probably deserves to be punished for it.” Ruff chipped in.
“Don’t tell me to, just let me be. How do you expect me to react. It’s crazy, very crazy.
“It’s done already. Nothing you can do can change that. He simply didn’t know it was your friend’s home. I take the blame for his actions. ”
“They won’t survive, am pretty much sure.” Rogers nerves was calmed. He felt extremely guilty of what happened. To him, the whole operation was a mess and a disaster, he would live with. He blamed himself for arriving late, if he had earlier, maybe he would be the one to handle that position. Janko was a newbie and simply enjoyed releasing multiple launchers and throwing grenades on his first mission.
“No one should tell him we did this. As far as we know, it’s the job of a rival terrorist group”, Ruff stated.
After depositing the money, Tafa returned to the hallway, trembling on his toes. No one had come out of his father’s operating room as he had hoped. Then the doctor came, looking servile, tired, hopeless, and ostensibly, his face depicted something saddening.
“Is he alright? Tell me? ”
“Am sorry, he had another attack and we couldn’t save him again. It was too late.”
“No, no, he can’t die, it’s not possible, my father is still alive right? ”
“Am sorry for the loss, accept my sympathy”.
“This is a dream, it can’t be reality, oh my God. After everything, no, no”
“Take it easy, I know how you feel. Calm yourself down please”
“Am sorry doctor but you don’t know, my mother died in this hospital and now my father also dead. It’s ridiculous ”
The breaking news on the TV interrupted him from speaking further and the activities of the hospital was suspended with the headline, “Multiple bomb explosions rock Cuppala square”, the bomb explosion extended to the residential buildings and properties in the area, number of dead casualties unknown, Tafa seized crying, the news of bomb blast on residential area only made him realize that his siblings could be affected, their safety and wellbeing filled his whole being. He screamed the name of his sister Fatima, his sick brother who was discharged few days ago from the clinic due to lack of funds for further treatment, Ibrahim, his last brother Aminu and ran outside like an insane person, the doctor was surprised, the nurses were but they could fathom it was related to the news, if only they knew it was a case of life and death, that he was about to lose someone as special as his siblings, his flesh and bone along with his father on the same day.
He arrived at the scene, pervaded by military men and National Emergency Disaster Unit officials, barricading the vicinity, rescuing victims and putting them into the ambulance. Tafa broke through some resistance, ransacking each victims with his eyes carefully. He heard his name called out by a voice that sounded familiar, turned anticlockwise and ran towards her. Rita had been there immediately she heard the news of the bomb blast. He felt like asking if she had seen his siblings till his eyes beheld two dead bodies on the ground, that was his siblings lying helplessly, defeated. Rita continued to shed tears uncontrollably, she took the body of Fatima and placed her on her thighs, Tafa sat on the dry ground with the other, later, they let go of the dead bodies, put them into the ambulance after identifying the bodies and consoled each other in an embrace.
The burial ceremony was concise, the officiating priest extolled the qualities of his dead parents, the need to emulate their principles and good living on earth. Few minutes after the end of the mass, Tafa walked and stood at their Graves, staring at the tombs of his family;
Joshua Waziri 1956 -2020
Aisha Waziri 1965 -2020
Fatima Waziri 1998 -2020
Aminu Waziri 2005 -2020
Ibrahim Waziri 1993 -2020
The tomb of Ibrahim was empty, his body was never found after the collapse. His precious jewel, a book he always read was placed in his casket in place of him. He hunkered beside his tomb and cried out his heart till sunset, screaming, “God, why has thou forsaken me”.

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