The Angel and the Fugitive

“ Both your enemy and your saviour can be a stone throw of each other”


The political and socioeconomic tension has maximized intensely as the bonafide citizens awaits the hearing of the collated results from the remaining states of the federation in the ongoing 2017 General elections. The degree of perplexity and discombobulation clouding the general elections beyond any iota of doubt made it the most followed and anticipated elections in the history of the country amidst the violence and radicalism. The citizens wanted a change of an epileptic government whose second term bid was in jeopardy. Prior to the elections, the chairman of the Election Council of Nigeria, Professor Logue Jonah has called on each and every citizen to let their votes speak for their dissatisfaction, emotions and furiousity, Presidential candidates for all parties has urged everyone to debunk every form of violence. The statement was sure to have won their hearts as everybody trudged to get their voters cards at designated accredited centers. Voting was the only credible way to oust the Government that was branded “a failing democratic monopoly” of the same party ruling for twenty-four years, renowned for carrying out white elephant projects, releasing booming press statement about the economy whilst the opposite was the order of the day, alleged indulgence in massive manipulation and embezzlement of money which no one had the forbearance in tolerating any longer. Months later, the words of the ECN chairman continued to reverberate in their cerebrum.
Journalists, cameramen, members of staff of ECN flooded the noisy conference room at about 1811 hours once again when notified about the arrival of the collated results. The professor smiled and leaned towards the microphone. “we are pleased to announce the final results from the remaining six states from the polling units”. Sanity and homogeneity was immediately restored and silence encroached. So far, thirty states had been called. Clearly, Mr. Ajuwa Williams of the Freedom Party of Nigeria was the obvious choice to the incumbent Mallam Ali Nurudeen of the Independent Peoples Party Of Nigeria. His staggering profile of nabbing corrupt officials were held highly of, just in a short while he was appointed the chairman of Financial Crimes Commission in the present administration. Not all were properly convicted after they were proven guilty of numerous count charge on corruption , majorly due to the fact they were powerful politicians connected, those who were convicted were those who fell out of President’s league, whom he considered “worthless ” and not of his ethnicity. In the midst of bad governance, with the people cherishing his output so far, he decided to use the medium to run for presidency, in order to eradicate corruption and convict them according to the law, a detriment to the incumbent who sought a plan to use the appointment of Ajuwa Williams, whom he knew was upright, just and his good works as a political strategy to win back the trust of the people and win him votes from the southern region, which likely obviously was failing. Many considered Ajuwa Williams as the only good man in government and the messiah. Eager to hear the final results was the fact that their anticipated leader was six hundred thousand votes behind their worst nightmare, a news itching their ears, a fact they couldn’t yield to yet. And with six states left, they held their beliefs, had a common faith, each of Mr. Ajuwa Williams’s ardent followers folding their hands in prayers with the notion that bad will never prevail over good.
“These are the results collated from Uwai state. “announced the chief returning officer for the state.
” Number of accredited voters – one million, three hundred and sixty four thousand, number of valid votes – eight hundred and seventy-one thousand, seven hundred and thirty-six, number of invalid votes cast – four hundred and ninety-two thousand, two hundred and sixty-four . People’s Legislative Party (PLP) 185 votes, People’s Coalition Congress (PCC) 300 votes, Presidential People’s Party (PPP) 484, National Delegation Party (NDP) 311, Freedom Party of Nigeria (FPN) 678,533, Independent People’s Party of Nigeria (IPPN) 191,923. The returning officer after announcing took his leave. It was evident that the followers of Mr. Ajuwa Williams’s prayers were gradually being answered, and the table of luck gradually turning to their favour. Announcement of Four other states followed up with FPN, still maintaining their lead. A stout man with enormous glasses larger than his face took the stage, the results of the final state in his hand. Across the country, every viewer wore a look of anxiety. The gap separating the top candidates were Slightly insignificant till the final announcement.
“Final results collated from Baigari state. Number of accredited voters – one million, one hundred and twenty-one thousand, one hundred and twenty-eight . Number of valid votes cast – nine hundred and twelve thousand, one hundred and fourteen , number of invalid votes cast, two hundred and eight thousand and fourteen. PLP – 181, PCC – 419, PPP – 89, NDP – 111, FPN – 701,914, IPPN – 210,100 “. Professor Logue Jonah announced the final total results concluded in the Election as thus;
” PLP – 224,074 , PCC – 616,943 , PPP – 312,204 , NDP – 424,070 , FPN – 28,101,747 , IPPN – 12,554,365 .
By this result, FPN is the winner, having polled a total of valid votes in the elections. I professor Logue Jonah, the chairman and overall presiding officer of the elections hereby declare, Mr Ajuwa Williams , the candidate of FPN, having scored the highest number of votes cast across the thirty six states hereby declare him elected president of the federal Republic of Nigeria”. Before his final words, there was already a loud cry of joy aroused from the boisterous supporters across the country. Nobody saw it coming, it was a miracle to vote an incumbent out of office in a dispensation where leaders are so desperate to clinch to power. The rally of celebration continued weeks after the victory. Mr Ajuwa Williams had called for a harmonious country, to foster development in his victory speech. The election had been won, the people’s choice had been elected and it would be a new dawn. The table finally turned.



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