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Do you want to write on Akukom? Here are some of the steps to Writing and sharing effectively on this platform.


  1. Register on Akukom( if you haven’t registered, click here). A confirmation mail will be sent to your email address(Email will be either in your INBOX or SPAM messages).
    1. Via the mail sent to your email address, change your password.
  2. Log in on Akukom
  3. Click on Publish Your Story.
  4. Enter the Title of your story in your title tab
  5. Write your Story(Content)
  6. Add your story to a category(please make sure you do this for proper characterization)
  7. Add tags( Tags are important as they help your articles/stories/poems pop up in search engines)
  8. Add A featured image. Please Note, the featured image is not a book cover.
  9. Add your book cover. This is important as it makes your write up attractive.
  10. Add an excerpt(a brief summary of your Write up)
  11. Publish.

Thank You very much.

Enjoy The platform!

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Chisom Okafor

I'm not really much of a writer. I just love sharing my experiences Twitter: @_plice

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