Mr Martins, After drinking 8 bottles of beer was so pressed, in his subconscious mind, he knew he needed to pass excretion.

“I need to use the rest room” he  said,  whispering to the 8th bottle of beer which was half empty. He went inside the hotel’s rest room to urinate and on entering the toilet, he saw the reflection of himself on the mirror and shouted to his own image…”Oh, sorry I badged into your privacy, I never noticed somebody was using this room when I opened the door”. So he shut the door, without easing himself he walked back to the 8th bottle of bear and said to it with a warm smile “Dear Friend I’m sure you missed me for a while”. He then emptied it in his mouth and decided to go home.


After drinking, Mr Martins got up and started searching for his phone all around which he was actually holding in his own hand. He puts on the phones’ torch light (the one he is looking for) to enable him look for the phone on top of the table filled with empty bottles of beer he took. Along  the line, the same phone rang, it was his own wife…he picked up and answered “Darling please call me back, I’m looking for my phone, I will be home soon as soon I find my missing phone”.


He then walked to car garrage, entered his car and drove off, on getting to the major road, he saw “Dangote’s trailer”  that has been there for three years, he quietly park behind the trailer, after three hours behind the spoilt trailer, which was already 1am, he started shouting “What kind of Traffic is this since I joined this line, I’ve not moved an inch and I’m sure my wife and kids are worried about my safety already”… thinking he was in a traffic jam.



Don’t be like Mr Martins,

Don’t drink like Mr Martins,

Drinks will make you think your actions are smart,

If you must drink, DON’T DRIVE !!!

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