This is us #ASWC1

We are human

In the beginning,there was man.Man was awesome.Man was as close to divine as a man can be.then came woman.She was to become a help mate,it seemed,but woo man to his sins and bring him down on his knees was all she did.
Man fell.
When he picked himself up,he found out that no bones were broken,his eyes were opened,he had knowledge of the sky,the earth and the times the seasons change but divinity for knowledge was never a fair exchange.
Man toiled.He toiled to eat,to sleep,in his sleep he dreamt of what he had lost,all that he had back at the garden.He dreamt of what he was,what he may never ever be.Through all this.woman stood by man destined to woo man and build man.A coin toss in the dark.this was all they had,one another,eachother and themselves.
Man and woman began to multiply and multiply.With man being at the head and woman right beside and never too far behind to remind man from whence and by whose hand he fell.
Man,by an endless desire to return to the garden,to Nirvana,to divinity remembers the destination but due to centuries,gone like the wind,man forgot the man made new ways and called then the “way and the truth”.man made different new ways and new truths..they were all born from desperation.Man wasn’t to blame.Man was man after all deeply flawed and centuries have honed man into something he was not.Man fell and he became human.This was fitting name since man was made from humus( made from humus=human).Man struggled against the wind,the earth,the oceans the animals.All that man named,all that was created for man wanted a piece of him.armed with nothing but his wits.Man conquered and was conquered in turn.a never ending chess game.that didnt stop man,for every man that fell another took his place.While woman was there also,wooing man,building him up again just to bring him down some more.
A coin toss in the dark.
Now here is man.
Truly and utterly alone.His recollection of this proposed destination is botched and hazy,so many “ways and truths”to chose from that it’s easy to not chose since they can’t all be fake and true at the same time.Man stands alone in the end as he was in the beginning with his companion by his side.Lonely though never really alone.
Man was divine.
Man fell.
Man lived.
Man learnt about friendship,betrayals,love, hatred,peace,war,pain,failure,victory,
defeat and death.
Man learned death at a great price
His life.
Man, through death discovered the value of life.
Man discovered that he could live on in the memories of others that took his place when he dies.
Man through death,discovered immortality.
Man through death,discovered humanity.
Thus the old gladiatorial salute of ancient Rome
“We who are about to die,salute you”
Now man is much more than divine
Man is human.
For we who die,we are the lucky ones.

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