Wind in my face
Raindrops roll down from the sky..
To my head.
To my eyes..
Obscuring my view..
This was a quiet night..
But after I saw her..
My pulse quickens…
My heart…my heart
My heart begins to beat with a renewed vigor..
It seems the sky heard could hear it
Because the thunder echoes my heartbeat
More wind…more rain..
Dark clouds gathers..roll up against eachother..
Thunder booms.. threatening to rip the sky asunder..
But I stay..I wait..
I see her as clear as day..
She smiles..
The sky illuminates with a bright flash
Like even the heavens took a picture of her smile…
My heart beats even faster
She smiles and beckons me to join her..
I might have a heart attack,if this keeps on..I think to myself
To join her under the chaos
The lights and the sounds
I will my legs to move..
One step in front of the other..
The wind resists me…
Rain pelts me like bullets from a Tommy gun..
Lightening incinerates bits and pieces around us..
This amuses her to no end..
Struggling under this onslaught..
I kept walking..
This is crazy…I tell myself
What are you doing..I ask myself
One hand over my face
One hand outstretched..
Till I felt her hands take mine
The storm raged around us..
Echoes of the storm that rages within us..
Her voice drowns out the noise..
Do not be afraid of the thunderclouds
Her eyes…her emotions show
Don’t be afraid of the thunderclouds
She turns and walks..with me in tow
Do not be afraid of the thunderclouds
We walk in unison..
In motions..slow..
We walk into the thunderclouds


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