Crisp blue and white was my dress
Covered in the image of wazobia
My family and I were held together by our band
We were to work for a new owner today
We never last long with one

Our previous employer handed us over to the new owner
He looked at us all over, his face showing indifference
He led us to his room and showed us our new home

The next day he took us out for a ride
One by one, he distributed us to other employers
We stopped at a check point and it was my turn
He reached for me and grabbed me roughly
I winced in pain as I felt crushed by his sweaty hands
My crisp dress was rumpled

My newest owner received me and gave me a more cruel squeeze
I tried to fight the pain as I felt my limbs go limp
My dress was now spotting a tear and I looked disheveled

My new Oga pushed me deep into the pocket of his khaki, my new abode for the moment
In there, I met others like me, cowered in defeat as they await their new place of assignment


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