He rode through the city
He rode all night
He rode through the darkness
His passion…His light
Over the hills on high
He rode to a woman’s sigh
His life..he forfeit..for a woman’s kiss.
For she was his treasure and poison
His broken vow..
His pure Bliss..
He rode to her every night..
For every night..she was his.
Before dawn..he is gone
Away on Love’s back
As the sun shone
He swore he wouldn’t go back
Then the sun sets
Guess who is riding back?
Everything he swore under the sun
He forgets..
But tonight was different..
He never made it passed the gate
Nemesis caught up to him
She is never late.
He laid on the ground..
With darkness around..
The taste of his beloved on his tongue
Prayers were prayed..
Songs were sung..
The bell was rung..His time was up..
Brothers…my brothers..
My day is done..my night is come..
I choose death in place of life..
For I have tasted the king’s wife..
His last words
Before the axe swung
Head separated from body
An end to a love forbidden

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