If there is one thing Olamide is famous for asides hit tracks and consecutive yearly albums, it will be taking young talent acts from rags to riches, from being promising to becoming superstars, Adekunle Gold and Lil Kesh are obvious witnesses to this.
This time, he took it a step further when he signed not one or two artistes. In a calendar year YBNL has Limerick, Lyta, Temmy Ovwasa, Picazzo, Yomi Blaze and Fireboy under her umbrella. Many wondered how he was going to manage this number of acts giving that YBNL is not the only label in Nigeria, more so there are a lot of other promising acts signed or independent, but you can tell that Olamide was ready from the onset especially with this YBNL Mafia album. If you ask me, i would say it is long over due as one should have beenmade in the days when Lil Kesh, Adekunle and Viktoh were under the label, but trust the never say never guy to know best.
Now we have the album, let us enjoy it.

Olamide sure knows how to arrange a body of work. Now used to his style of releasing good materials without too much prior notice, (an idea which has always worked for him), he has giving us the YBNL MAFIA album, a conglomerate of different young talents. Permit me to say that this album did not fall before par. It is one that has all the Olamide hit album ingredient and more. The new boys and young lady brought a different kind of energy into this. One would have thought that a body of work from these very promising acts would be haphazard, but every song on the YBNL MAFIA album was precise.Let us go one after the other about the tracks.

WELCOME ft. Olamide
From the title, this 3:55 minutes track is just perfect for the introduction to the album. Pheelz Mr Producer comes through as usual with a kind of old school hip hop touch to accommodate Olamide’s rap. You always know what to expect from the Olamide, Pheelz synergy. They always come through. Welcome is one song that come up in your car and you nodding your head all the way. It gives a good picture of what to expect from the album. You listen to welcome off this album, you want to go all the way.

This is one Olamide song you get on every album. A good follow up to the introductory welcome. The bounce, the progression, the lyrics, Olamide’s album will never be complete without a song like this. He glorifies the woman’s body on this song. I like this 3:23 minutes track, although anxiety might make you want to skip to the next track. Dance floors and wedding performances will enjoy this song very much. I advise you listen till the last second. Another good one done by the mystro alone. You already know what a fusion of Pheelz and Baddo can give.

MACARONI ft. Picazzo, Olamide

Although Olamide will not be looking to relinquish the throne anytime soon, this young man Picazzo indeed got eyes on that throne. Picazzo took Nigeria social media by storm a while back after his freestyle videos were posted by PR gurus Tunde Ednut and Bizzle of The plug. Picazzo sold himself with his freestyles earning him a seat at the YBNL table. From the very first second which introduced Pheelz as Mr Producer, you can tell the song is a hit. Picazzo is not taking any chances. His bounce and progression is owned by him. His use of words and sound is fantastic. He also has a thing for word play.You probably need a second listen to have a good understanding of his comic relief. Then again, HIS SPEED. DAMN!

Olamide chose the right song to jump on. After letting the young man Picazzo enjoyhimself on the beat, he came through to show who the boss really is. Take nothing away from Pheelz’s production and the magic he put towards the end with the telephone autotune. Pheelz is indeed Mr Producer.

MOTIGBANA ft. Olamide

Nothing need to be said about a song that stormed the airwaves for many months. Let me remind you what you already know, Motigbana is a good contender for song of the year. Now to telling you what you don’t know.


I have listened to songs by Fireboy formerly known as DML for quite a long time and i knew all he ever needed was a platform to be heard. I am glad YBNL is giving him that. Boy is super talented. I am glad he was allowed to enjoy the beat all by himself. Sometimes i think Fireboy makes a song so perfect you don’t need anyone else on it. This 3:37 minutes track should be playing on every radio station in Nigeria and beyond. This is a very good song. I still hold the thought that the best is still not heard from the young talented Fireboy. The flow from the conventional pop to the igbo vibe still get me. This song should be playing in every bar. You just shake body after a few bottles of beer. Kudos Fire Boy.
IKA ft. Yomi Blaze, Olamide

Yes, Yomi Blaze is wicked! I like this song. He went in hard. He has shown that if given the chance and audience, he is another rapper to look forward to. Yomi Blaze gives us the Olamide from Rapsodi. This is just hip hop.Flow with ease, beat wickedly murdered. The verses and chorus are well coordinated. Produced by Pheelz or not, you can hear his influence on the entire song. He always knows what to do with pure rap songs especially the olamidesque rap. After Yomi Blaze, Olamide comes again to bless the beat. Don’t you just love the way he shows who the boss is? This is 3:12 mins of good rap music.

SEND HER MONEY ft. Dj Enimoney, Lk Kuddy, Kizz Daniel, Olamide, kranium

On behalf of summertime party people, I say a big thank you to Olamide for the inclusion of this track on this album. One song if well harnessed will cut across the globe. The inclusion of the underrated Lk Kuddy’s melody, Kizz Daniel’s everything and Kranium’s presence makes the song a good sell to cut across the world. As far as good music goes, this is one of them. Production, progression, melody, LIT. I am sure Dj Enimoney will enjoy playing this song at every event.
I’LL BE FINE ft. Fireboy
It will be very difficult to have another person on a Fireboy song. He makes every song his. To be on a song with him, you must be bringing something different to the table. Fireboy will go down as probably the revelation of the end of 2018.This song is one for the hustlers. I feel like he sang his soul on this one. Thinking about where he is coming from and where he is right now, i can feel some pain in this song. This song should be on every music device in the world. Pheelz sure always know whatto do. This is a song beautifully made. The lyrics is one everyone should listen to. Fireboy made the 3:17 minutes spent listening to this song one well spent. Pheelz added violin to this one and you will just want to be in his brains. How does he come up with these things.All the pain of yesterday, sure Fireboy will forget them tomorrow.

POVERTY DIE ft. OlamideOlamide sure knows what to release in December. This is the kind of December song you would have expected with Phyno, but with or without him, this dropped and became an instant hit. Olamide showed in 3:10 minutes that there will never be a December he will not be doing many shows. Poverty Die? Amen.

FIRE DOWN ft. FireBoy, Picazzo

I am finding the right words to describe this young talented Fireboy, i will let his fans be the judge of that. Boy is too good you never know what he will sound like next. I am sure this would not be one of those freestyles for Picazzo, he must have taken his time to carefullylisten to the magic made by Fireboy before he jumped on it. Fire Boy made the song almost perfect you will say why add another person, but the young beast Picazzo came through. He did what Olamide would have done if he was on the track. He is learning well from his CEO and you just cannot ask why he was featured on this one. Good chemistry they have on this one.

LE LE YI ft. Lil Kesh, Fire BoyTake this off the album and you can easily title it No bad song. I don’t speak on behalf of everyone, but i think people are tired of the cliche Lil Kesh rap. Glory to God for the inclusion of Fire Boy on the track, made the 3:05 minutes spent listening to it worth it. I for one think it is high time Lil Kesh switched his music style. Love Story, Rora are a few of the best Lil Kesh we have had in a while. It is that time to step it up. That sound is gone.

LIE ft. Limerick, Olamide

I was looking forward to the Limerick song because for some reasons, i think he is very underrated. I personally like his style of music, his sound too. On this one, Limerick does not disappoint me as a fan. Good song for the cruise. When Olamide bless you with a chorus and not just a verse, be sure you made a hit and this is just one of them. Kudos Limerick.

FINALLY ft. Temmy Ovwasa, FireboyThis song got me in the mood for love straight away. Lovely piece championed by Fireboy. This felt like an Adekunle Gold, Simi fusion. This is a very beautiful love song. One i will have on repeat for a long time. If this video is ever shot, it might just be the start of a romantic relationship between Temmy and Fireboy, because this will bring so much energy they might just think about making babies. Short but worthy 2:52 minutes of good music. What a way to close the chapter of the YBNL Mafia album. All in all, this is a wonderful piece.

Now the kids have the platform, YBNL has generated an audience for them, the onus is for them now to capitalize on it. The YBNL MAFIA album is a fantastic body of work, but i have one question, WHERE IS LYTA?
– Wale Applause

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